Jackie Rosario endorsed by C.L. Bryant

graphic showing Jackie Rosario being endorsed by C.L. Bryant. image has blue background. Jackie is picture on the left wearing green shirt while C.L. Bryant is on the left in his suit
May 24th, 2022

School Board Member Jackie Rosario has been endorsed by Reverend C.L. Bryant. Reverend Bryant is a Syndicated Radio Host, Orator, Advocate, Columnist and Author. This endorsement was announced in a Press Release that was put out on May 12th.

Below is the Press Release:

Vero Beach, Fl. – Jacqueline Rosario is pleased to announce the endorsement of C.L. Bryant, Minister, Syndicated Radio Host, Orator, Advocate, and Author.

Jacqueline Rosario, known to the community as Jackie, is the conservative School Board Member running for District 2. Ms. Rosario was first elected to this position in 2018. She is known for standing firm on issues of parental rights, school choice, no critical race theory, and supporting the removal of library books with inappropriate sexual content.

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Ms. Rosario has recently received the endorsement of C.L. Bryant, a Baptist Minister, Syndicated Radio Host, Orator, Advocate, Author, and creator of the Crystal Dove award winning movie Runaway Slave. Rev. Bryant often addresses current issues such race, politics, education, as well as other trending topics. He is also a Senior Fellow with Freedom Works. “I did my research on you,” the Reverend shared with Ms. Rosario. “You are a fighter for all that is right. Keep up the good work. We need people like you on school boards. You have my endorsement. I am happy to support you.”

Ms. Rosario is honored to receive Rev. C.L. Bryant’s endorsement. “It’s not every day, I get the pleasure of hearing the words, ‘You are a fighter for all that is right.’ In a world that seems flipped upside down with values and morals, it is encouraging to know there are people of influence like Rev. Bryant who advocates to preserve traditional values, morals, and who fights for what is right and just for all Americans.”

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