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Results of 2022 Indian River County Primary Election (Republican and NPA Ballots)

August 23rd, 2022
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The following are the results of the 2022 Indian River County Primary Election. Please note that the Commissioner of Agriculture Race and the State Representative District 34 Race were NOT on the NPA Ballot.

Commissioner of Agriculture (Republican Primary): WINNER: Wilton Simpson
  • James Shaw: Florida: 538,996/ Indian River County: 8,609

  • Wilton Simpson: Florida: 991,960/ Indian River County: 11,983

State Representative District 34 (Republican Primary): WINNER: Robert Brackett
  • Robert Brackett: Total: 14,227 / Indian River County: 12,986

  • Karen Hiltz: Total: 9,669/ Indian River County: 8,552

Board of County Commissioners District 2 (Universal Primary Contest): WINNER: Joe Flescher
  • Joe Flescher (Republican): 23,066

  • Elizabeth “Beth” Siebert (Republican): 12,003

Board of County Commissioners District 4 (Universal Primary Contest): WINNER: Deryl Loar
  • Joann Binford (Republican): 9,198

  • Deryl Loar (Republican): 14,027

  • Thomas S. Lowther (Republican): 12,044

Circuit Judge, 19th Judicial Circuit Group 1: WINNER: Rebecca White
  • Christian Van Riper: Total: 33,719/ Indian River County: 8,585

  • Rebecca White: Total: 87,577/ Indian River County: 25,975

Circuit Judge, 19th Judicial Circuit Group 2: WINNER: Leatha Dawn Mullins
  • Leatha Dawn Mullins: Total: 70,243/ Indian River County: 21,168

  • Alexander Stuart Nelson: Total: 48,022 / Indian River County: 12,593

School Board Member District 2: RUN-OFF: Cynthia Gibbs & Jaqueline “Jackie” Rosario
  • LaDonna Corbin: 6,271

  • Cynthia “Cindy” Gibbs: 9,504

  • Josh Post: 3,384

  • Jacqueline “Jackie” Rosario: 16,947

School Board Member District 4: WINNER: Teri Barenborg
  • Teri Barenborg: 20,299

  • Thomas A. Kenny: 15,087

Thank you to all the candidates that in this year's 2022 Primary Election. To those advancing to the November 8th Election, we wish you the best of luck.

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