New Juice Bar-Gym in Vero Beach - Juicy Fruity Gym & Juice

Lilly Tougas, with drinks served at Juicy Fruity, a local Juice Bar
Lilly Tougas, Co-Owner and Managing Partner - Juicy Fruity Gym & Juice
May 12th, 2022; story updated on May 13th, 2022

Recently, Vero Beach Cureleaf Owner Eddie Rivera and one of his employees Lilly Tougas opened together a new business, Juicy Fruit Gym and Juice. Tougas is a Co-Owner in the Business and is the Managing Partner.

Originally, Tougas was working for Rivera at his shop, Vero Beach Cureleaf as a staff member, helping Rivera run the shop. Vero Beach Cureleaf is a few units down from Juicy Fruity.

When the space opened up for where Juicy Fruity is now, Rivera and Tougas wanted to do something with that space. After some brainstorming, they came up with initially the Juicy Bar portion of Juicy Fruity. The back room was being rented out by another tenant at the time. Eventually, the other tenant moved out, allowing Rivera and Tougas to get the space in the back.

It took three months for Rivera and Tougas to build everything and put everything together for Juicy Fruity. The soft opening was April 15th and the Grand opening will be on the Saturday, May 21st.

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The Juice Bar

The front part of the business has a Juice Bar and Small Dining Area.

Some of the drinks made at the Juice Bar include Fresh Hand Pressed Juice that is made from scratch. There are also Juice Shots that are made as well, such as a Green Juice.

There is a Red Juice that serves as a meal replacement. It is made with various fruits and vegetables. There is also a plant based organic protein powered called Ka’Chava that can be added to the Red Juice as well.

I had the chance to try the Peanut Butter Smoothie that instead of the protein, was substituted with Chocolate Ka’Chava. I thought it was really good and I think the organic ingredients, in my opinion, really make a difference.

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On the left is Ka'Chava Vanilla The Whole Body Meal. On the right is Ka'Chava Chocolate The Whole Body Meal.
Vanilla and Chocolate bags of Ka'Chava Protein
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Dining-Juice Bar area of Juicy Fruity with various pieces of colorful furniture in the picture
Dining-Juice Bar area of Juicy Fruity
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Back counter at Juice Bar. The counter has various glass jars containing smoothie ingredients
Back counter at Juice Bar

Below is the menu for Juicy Fruity

Back Gym and Dance Studio

The back room at Juicy Fruity doubles up as a Workout Gym and Dance Studio. The Dance floor was just recently put down according to Tougas.

Collectively, the backroom has 600lbs of weights to use for various exercises. It has a bench press/squat rack built into the wall that folds out, that can be used for various purposes, such as for bench pressing or doing squats.

The bench press squat rack also has a pull up bar that can be used as well. The gym has bands that can be used for assisted pull ups. The bands vary in strength.

There is also a machine that can be used for machine tricep pulldown with a rope attachment.

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Bench Press-Squat Rack that features a Pull-Up Bar (folded up). The squat rack is green and has a black bench built into the wall.
Bench Press-Squat Rack that features a Pull-Up Bar (folded up)
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Bench Press-Squat Rack that features a Pull-Up Bar (complete machine folded out)
Bench Press-Squat Rack that features a Pull-Up Bar (complete machine folded out)
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The workout machine that can be used for Tricep Workout with rope attachment
The workout machine that can be used for Tricep Workout with rope attachment
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Bands for assisted Pull-Ups on the Pull-Up Bar
Bands for assisted Pull-Ups on the Pull-Up Bar
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Various weights in the gym
Various weights in the gym

Tougas intends to eventually teach ballet classes in the back gym.

Tougas said about the classes “Eventually I will be holding adult beginners ballet classes for health, confidence and movement as well as a children’s dance camp to introduce the basic movements in a fun and creative way.”

If an Instructor wants to hold a class in Juicy Fruity’s Gym-Dance Studio, it costs $25 per hour to rent out the space. Instructors get to keep the profits they make from their students.

If someone wants to use the Gym-Dance Studio on off hours to workout, it costs $10 an hour to workout. Tougas has said a lot of younger people have come in to use the workout space on off hours.

If you want to hold an event in the Gym-Dance Studio, it costs $25 an hour.

Rivera is hoping to get certified in Personal Training for Seniors. He plans to have classes in the back Gym.

Tougas said “the goal is to have the space in the back be a comfortable no judgment zone for all ages for whatever the space will be holding at that time.”

Juicy Fruity is also a dog friendly business.

Business hours 11AM-7PM are Monday through Saturday. The address is 676 US Hwy 1 Suite 4, Vero Beach, Fl 32960.

You can click here to check out Juicy Fruity's Facebook Page. Their website is