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Senator Rick Scott Weekly Update on Inflation and National Debt – January 20th, 2023

January 24th, 2023

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) released his weekly update about the crisis with America’s out of control debt and the increasing inflation that has occurred under President Joe Biden (D).

Senator Scott released the following statement:

“In the two years of Joe Biden’s presidency, families and businesses across Florida and the nation have struggled as inflation has risen. Meanwhile, Democrats looked the other way, spending trillions more in a pathetic attempt to dig themselves out of an economic hole by digging deeper. But here’s where that’s left us: businesses forced to close their doors, raise prices or fire employees, families forced to choose between gas or groceries, and an unsustainable federal debt of over $31 TRILLION just days away from reaching the nation’s debt limit with no answers, accountability or plan to reverse course from our failed president. America’s credit card is more than MAXED OUT and a day of reckoning is on the horizon unless we STOP the reckless spending, STOP caving into Democrats’ socialist policies and START living within our means – like every single family and business has to. Families have had enough of Washington’s dysfunction failing them time and time again. We need to bring fiscal sanity back to Washington and end this raging inflation crisis TODAY.”

Senator Rick Scott’s office has been maintaining a list of Senator Rick Scott’s statements on the rising U.S. Federal Debt and rising inflation. Click here to view that list.

The following are Tweets Senator Scott has made related to the inflation and national debt situation.

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