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City of Sebastian Advisory Board and Committee Vacancies

The City of Sebastian has vacancies on its Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and its Construction Board.

Currently on the Construction Advisory Board, there are four vacancies, three of which are Regular Members and One is an Alternate Member. The Construction Board Advises the City Council on the Construction Industry in the City and things that may affect Contractors in the City, according to the City Ordinances. This board also “Examines” the licenses of contractors in the City of Sebastian and the applications that may be submitted to this board. They also review violations that a Contractor may committ in the City Limits while working in their line of work. More information on the “Powers and Duties” of the Construction Board can be found by clicking here to read the City Ordinances on the Construction Board.

The following are the vacancies on the Construction Board:

  • One Regular Member, Contractor Position – Term expiring 9/2024

  • One Regular Member, HARV Contractor Position – Term expiring 9/2022

  • One Regular Member Engineer or Architect Position – Term expiring 9/2024

  • One Alternate Member, Contractor Position – Term expiring 9/2022

The other vacancy is on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. There is currently one opening on this board; it is a Regular Member Position. The term for this position will expire on May 31, 2025. The only qualification for this position is being a resident of the City of Sebastian. The Committee helps to advise City Council on the parks in the City, along with recreational programs and facilities, according to a recent Press Release.

The Construction Board also has a set of requirements as well. Along with needing to be a City Resident, Contractors have to be engaged in Construction in the City Limits or own a business in the City Limits, per Sec. 26-191. – Membership; terms; filling of vacancies (b) in the City Ordinances.

Construction Board members are required to retain their qualifications to work in their field. If they do not retain that qualification, they will be suspended for 30 days. If they can’t get requalified within 30 days, the City Council will then replace that person. This is per Sec. 26-191. – Membership; terms; filling of vacancies (c) in the City Ordinances.

Applications for the Parks and Recreation Committee Position are being accepted until May 23rd, 2022.

The Construction Board Applications are being accepted until the positioned are filled on those boards.

Those interested (and qualified) can apply at City Hall Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM at the City Clerk’s Office. The address for City Hall is 1225 Main Street, Sebastian, FL 32958.

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