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November 1, 2023

The next Vero Beach City Council meeting will be on November 2nd at 9AM.

City Council plans to vote on three resolutions this Tuesday.

The first is the Public Transportation Grant Agreement with the Florida Department of Trasnportation for the “Rehabilitate Runway 12R/30L Construction.” This was requested by the Vero Beach Airport Director.

The second is to authorize the City of Vero Beach to go into an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation regarding “State Highway Lighting, Maintenance, and Compensation.”

The third resolution was requested by Councilmember Honey Minuse. The resolution will be to oppose “overly broad preemptions of Municipal Home Rule Powers” in response to legislation that was passed in the 2020 Florida State General Legislative session.

There will be public notices for two public hearings set for November 16th. The first public notice is for a hearing to change the qualifying period for City Council Candidates. This is due to the increase of mail in voting, according to the Supervisor of Elections office. It is noted for the agenda item that this change will help to save the City money and increase voter access (that is what it says in the Ordinance Document, which can be read here:

The second public notice is for a public hearing on the second and final proposed amendment for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year City Budget. This amendment will be about end of Fiscal Year revenues and expenditures, “pending the completion of the fiscal year closeout and the preparation of audited financial statements,” according to the memorandum for the public hearing. This public hearing was requested by the City Finance Manager.

The November 2nd Meeting Agenda can be read here.

The link to the meeting on the City of Vero Beach’s Website can be found here

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