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Taylor Dingle Appointed to Vero Beach Historic Preservation Commission

Taylor Dingle, <a class="the-article-link" href="" target="_blank">image from his Facebook Page</a>
April 6, 2022

Former Vero Beach City Council Candidate and Vero Beach Young Republicans President Taylor J. Dingle was appointed today by Vero Beach City Council to the Vero Beach Historic Preservation Commission.

Dingle had ran for Vero Beach City Council in 2021 and lost his bid to get a seat on City Council. He also previously ran in the special appointment to fill a vacancy on council. The vacancy was filled by then former Councilman Dick Winger.

According to the City of Vero Beach’s website, the Vero Beach Historic Preservation Commission is a Regulartory board, tasked with “maintaining” the “historic resources” within the City Limits, for the “benefit of present and future” residents of the City.

The City Council “refers” matters to this commission, to help make decisions on the issues that are refered to this committee.

We reached out to Taylor for comment. He told us “It’s a tremendous honor to be unanimously appointed to a City Commission by the City Council. A true testament for those who prematurely questioned my qualifications as a younger resident.

I’m thrilled for this opportunity to serve on the Historic Preservation Commission with personally possessing a deep appreciation, interest, and passion for the subject. So much of our future lies in preserving our past.

I look forward to identifying the City of Vero Beach’s historic resources, brought forth, to benefit both present and future residents.”

Dingle has a background in graphic design and serves as a Director on the Board of the Tax Payers Association of Indian River.

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