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Sydney O’Haire Gave Presentation On Three Corners in Vero Beach

November 5, 2022

Sydney O’Haire gave a presentation on the City of Vero Beach Three Corners project at the Vero Beach Women’s Club in the City of Vero Beach. O’Haire is a 4th Generation Vero Beach resident. Her Great-Grandfather moved to Vero Beach in the 1920s.

O’Haire gave the presentation on November 2nd, 2022 and was very detailed and informative.

O’Haire spoke about how she got involved with the Three Corners project and what specifically would be built under the plan designed by Architect and Urban Planning & Designer Andres Duany.

O’Haire said the proposed Master Concept plan for Three Corners has to be followed by the Vero Beach City Council and the Developer that will eventually build on the Three Corners Property.

O’Haire called the Marina Referendum a “sneaky referendum” added before the ballots were printed. She is in opposition to the Marina Referendum and encourage people to vote no for it. She said voting Yes for the Marina Referendum would cancel out any Yes vote for the Three Corners referendum.

O’Haire said Vero Beach City Council Candidates Tracey Zudans, Taylor Dingle, Linda Moore, John Carroll and Honey Minuse are for Three Corners and encourage City Residents to pick three out of the five candidates to vote for. Minuse is currently an incumbent Council Member.

O’Haire said Jazz at Lincoln Center wants to have a satellite theater in the Old Power Plant. O’Haire spoke about the programs Jazz at Lincoln Center has and the benefit it would bring to Indian River County and the City of Vero Beach.

O’Haire was on the steering committee that dealt with the Three Corners Project. During her presentation, she highly encouraged City Residents to be involved with their local government.

At the end of the presentation, O’Haire opened up for Q&A from the audience at her presentation.

Indian River News highly encourages our readers to watch the entire presentation and the Q&A at the end.

Indian River News livestreamed O’Haire’s presentation on the following platforms:

Vero Beach City Council Candidates Tracey Zudans, Taylor Dingle, John Carroll and Linda Moore were present for the Presentation.

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