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Congressman Bill Posey releases statement condemning Mar-a-Lago Raid

August 9, 2022

Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) released a statement condemning the FBI raid on President Donald J. Trump’s Palm Beach County, Florida residence Mar-a-Lago.

Congressman Posey’s Statement:

“The left and their woke allies in Washington have been obsessed with their phony narratives and disproven conspiracy theories about Donald Trump for the last seven years. He is the most investigated president in history and nothing criminal has turned up. Yet, the same Department of Justice and FBI weaponized against President Trump has turned a blind eye to decades of the Biden Family’s corrupt business practices and influence peddling in the Ukraine, China, Russia and elsewhere. The Washington swamp has been consumed with this obsession of getting Donald Trump at all costs— and it’s undemocratic. The Biden Justice Department’s raid on the former President’s residence is unprecedented and takes a page from third world dictators who jail dissidents and quash dissent. Instead, this Administration should be focused on fixing the economy, lowering prices, building American energy independence, securing our borders, protecting our communities from rampant crime, and countering China.”

This comes as the raid has been widely condemned as an attempt by the Biden Administration to intimidate a potential Presidential Candidate.

There has also been mass concern over President Trump’s home getting raided as he is a former President.

The raid was done due to some papers President Trump took to Mar-a-Lago that were reportedly classified.

The papers have been reported to have been declassified, per Breitbart.

Senator Marco Rubio also made the argument that Presidents are held to a different standard for classification as they are the top authority on what is and is not classified.

We covered the Mar-a-Lago raid extensively in our story “FBI Raids President Trump’s Home in Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach County, Florida

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