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School District IRC Superintendent Workshop Recap – May 9th, 2022

May 10, 2022

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There isn’t a requirement for elected School Board Members to be present for the Superintendent Workshop (4 hours once a month) and School Board meeting (approximately 4 hours once a month). The people want to know: Where’s Mr. Barefoot? Its understandable to be absent, if someone is sick, or has a valid excuse. However, it is absolutely unacceptable that Mr. Barefoot has been sleeping (January 2022 school board meeting); absent (multiple meetings this year); or not paying attention on Zoom (February 2022 School Board meeting). Mr. Barefoot has not been “present” for the majority of this 2022 year.

School Board Member Brian Barefoot Sleeping during a School Board Business Meeting

On the other hand, parents ARE present and paying attention. We watched your board workshop. I am amazed at how NOW mental health is an issue, we’ve been saying this for TWO YEARS! Shutting down schools, masking children, social distancing, excessive quarantining of healthy children and the COVID-19 protocols that WE TOLD YOU were negatively effecting children were disregarded. WE TOLD YOU SO. Children are having speech delays, the CDC moved the range of development for young children back. Children are suffering for adult decisions. Parents have been disregarded and discarded. I’ve personally been called every name in the book. Members of this board and their surrogates have dragged my name and the names of many concerned parents through the mud (not all of you, most of you). I’ll say again. TOLD YOU SO!

A problem you made with horrible decision making and incompetence is now a focus for your committee of volunteers for the C.L.I.M.A.T.E. Taskforce. I agree with Ms. Rosario that they DO NOT speak for the majority of the parents. I adore Mr. Seymour and I’ve said this publicly and privately. I respect Dr. Schafte and appreciate her work. I haven’t had the opportunity to interact with some of the members on the committee. However I am very concerned that the record of several members is anti-child and anti-parent. It seems that this committee is also comprised of individuals who are more concerned with political partisanship than children. Members of this district’s administration have falsely claimed that Moms for Liberty IRC is only concerned with politics, but per usual, that is projection of their own misdeeds. Moms for Liberty is non-partisan, but the School District of Indian River County (SDIRC) doesn’t seem to be.

*Stacey Klim isn’t someone I would trust to make decisions for my children, or anyone else’s. SHE DOES NOT speak for the majority of this county. Check out her “Stacey Klim-Advocate” page on Facebook and you will see how horribly she speaks of parents and community members. She shouldn’t be on any board or committee that allows her to drive policy for this community or even portion of the community. What she “advocated” for the past few years is exactly why mental health is a bigger issue, more now then ever before. She is Operations Coordinator for the Democrats of Indian River and spews hate throughout the county daily of sitting board members and people in the community. She’s a failed politician that lost her school board race years ago and is trying to stay relevant. That’s not anyone we need in charge of any committee that will drive policy for all our children. If you would like more documentation of this, you can email

*Valerie Brant Wilson posted a disrespectful and false Letter To the Editor about me in the Press Journal July 29, 2021. I’ve never met nor spoke with this woman. Ever. Feel free to look up the Letter to the Editor. She doesn’t value Parental Rights and again like Ms. Klim, advocated for policies that drove the problems we are now experiencing with mental health. They are advocates for mandates of medical treatments for children, against their parents’ wishes the past two years. I don’t recommend Wilson’s input, nor do I trust her to make decisions for my children or anyone’s children. By the way, she is also a Democrat in Indian River County.

*Wendy McDaniel is the President of The Democratic Club of Indian River and doesn’t value Parental Rights or best by all children either. She constantly is publicly disrespectful to parents and community members of IRC. She also is the one of the people advocating for mandated medical treatments for children the past few years against Parental Choice and contributed to the worsening of mental health for children.

*Jane McNulty Snead also has been very vocal that she doesn’t value Parental Rights, contributing to “advocating” for mandating medical treatments for children the past few years of the failed COVID-19 protocols for children. She is also disrespectful to community members and parents on social media. She doesn’t speak for the majority of the community. She is also with Democrats of IRC and her life story is highlighted on their website. The district always states they don’t want to make things political nor one sided but this is clearly NOT the case for this committee.

If SDIRC truly cared about the children and community it would be demonstrated and reflected in the work. However this district is concerned with one-sided POLITICS and is now carrying that into this committee. It the parents’ right to care for the upbringing, mental, medical care of their child/children and these committee members didn’t respect that. They have been publicly against the Parental Rights in Education and the Parental Bill of Rights laws. Moms for Liberty is non-partisan, and the school district should be as well.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the one member in the committee who truly represents parents. Paul Wescott is the ONLY person I know and trust on this committee and would value any and everything he has to say as a parent and community member. He will have Parental Rights and all children’s best interests in mind. He’s an asset to this committee.

Parental Rights is law. Parents should be directing the mental healthcare of their children. We have the Mental Health Association that is free of charge to parents, grandparents and community members if they need services for themselves or children. SDIRC isn’t responsible for providing these services in schools. Referrals should be made where necessary and schools need to get back to the mission of education. We do not co-parent with the government. Stop over complicating things and wasting time and resources. Stop building committees to direct policy for children who’s members are the leadership for a partisan organization. You literally invited the arsonists to put out the fire. It has to stop.

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