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Former NY School Board Member Endorses Dr. Gene Posca for School Board District 1 and Here’s Why

May 18, 2022

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I have taken a great interest in our local school system as a parent, taxpayer and resident of district 1. There are two qualified candidates and I have spoken with both of them.

One candidate has proven himself on a local level as a physician who followed the real science and the other served as a superintendent of a school district in New York not far from my former district.

I was tempted to run as a board member that stood up for parental rights at a hostile table during covid, but decided that New York experience isn’t a qualifying factor in this state. I am also encouraging one candidate to bow out as New York experience isn’t a winning strategy here.

An article from the Poughkeepsie journal from 2015 has been brought to my attention and I feel that certain things are too close to my old home in New York when it comes to hush money.

While I respect what Mr. Parla accomplished during his short tenure as a superintendent the evidence is clear when he resigned and was granted long term benefits. It’s very similar to several districts in the Hudson Valley recently.

In 2021 the Newburgh and Middletown superintendents (Superintendent DelMoro in Middletown, NY) both resigned amid sexual assault and impropriety accusations. Rather than being voted out they both resigned with gracious severance packages from their districts at the expense of taxpayers.

The Middletown superintendent prior to DelMoro was reupped on contract, resigned a month later, and 3 weeks after that the state comptroller came down on the district for raising taxes while sitting on a hidden fund balance of over $50 million.

Any superintendent that resigns in New York without fulfilling their contract and with a healthy benefits package is suspect in my opinion as a former Board member.

I would recommend unanimous support for Dr. Gene Posca as it would be the best choice for the taxpayers and parents of Indian River County.

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