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Moms for Liberty: We support good educators and good education

May 22, 2022

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Reviewing what has been written in the media about Moms for Liberty and about myself, as local chairman for the organization in Indian River County, focusing primarily on what we are against, it might be best to point out we generally are for what most educators seek.

I’ve come to realize that the majority of educators went into the profession to improve the mind and education of children from kindergarten through post graduate education. Most take extra time for students who need extra help. Many take their own money to buy backpacks, books and notepads for students.

The problem I and most members of Moms for Liberty have with public education does not involve the majority of educators. Our problem is with a small but dedicated group of political activist educators who first began dominating in unionization of teachers and then began intimidating administrators of education, from principals, to superintendents, to presidents of higher education.

Let’s take for example shaming children in the first three years of their education if they happen to be white; or having young students question their own gender. I know few teachers who would do that. But curricula often supported by unions and some elite educational professionals think these are necessary for racial and gender equity.

Moms for Liberty absolutely knows how significant teachers are for our children. That is exactly why we have become involved in how our children are educated. We totally honor teachers. We are taking issue only with some of the process. It is our intent to do this with respect. But for respect to work, it requires respect for parents from those in charge of our educational institutions. We don’t co-parent with the government.

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