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Jennifer Pippin Responds to Vero News’ Ray McNulty

June 24, 2022

Editor’s Note: This Opinion piece was published at the request of Moms for Liberty, Indian River Florida Jennifer Pippin. Mrs. Pippin wrote in response to Vero News Columnist Ray McNulty. Her response is about one of McNulty’s Articles Titled “School Board will miss Schiff’s diverse views“. Mrs. Pippin has agreed to assume all responsibility for the contents of this article. Indian River News does not assume any responsibility for the contents of this Article.

Dear Ray McNasty Opinion Piece Blogger,

“Local fringe group” chairman here! Lol 😂 You can say Moms for Liberty Indian River, FL and give us the credit we deserve!

We will continue to hold our elected officials accountable and that includes the left wing liberals (Mara Schiff) elected officials that want pornography/sexually explicit content books in schools, wants Critical Race Theory in schools, wants mandatory medical procedures and testing for children, wants social Justice warriors in schools, wants the best for ONLY Equality Florida and not ALL students/children. I personally was never disrespectful to Mara Schiff and did call her out publicly when she broke laws, statutes and rules or lied. That’s my job as a parent and taxpayer. Absolutely. That’s ALL of our jobs as parents and taxpayers. If you cannot take the heat then an elected official position isn’t for you. I cannot wait for Dr. Gene Posca to take her seat and November cannot come fast enough. It’ll be common sense and decency for ALL children medical doctor versus the current board member who is an activist first and pushing an agenda and NOT serving the entire community. Rant over. Do better Ray! We get you hate strong women Ray. Please retire and do all of us a favor. Report actual news and be a true journalist and not just spewing biased garbage!🙏

Sincerely, PROUD Moms for Liberty Indian River, FL Chairman❤🇺🇸🗼

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