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Recall is Useless

June 24, 2022

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Recall is useless, no really. Sounds crazy right but it really is not. Without an engaged citizenry a recall law is nothing more than words on paper.

One person was the primary voice in raising the Flag to point out the massive level of corruption in the city of Tallahassee, our nations capitol. One man Erwin Jackson began his good work long before 2018 when the Federal Bureau of Investigations came to town. Here’s the kicker Tallahassee has the power to recall. Leon county also had the power of recall yet it was never put into motion because the citizens of Tallahassee refused to put it in motion.

Many were aware of the actions of Scott Maddox and Andrew Gilliam and they remained silent. Some because they were benefiting financially from the unlawful endeavors, others because they were fearful of the power exerted by these men in power, what they could possibly do through possible corrupt law enforcement, or negative actions brought by city or county enforcement.

Many simply refuse to raise the red flag because to do so would force them out of their circles of prestige, and this applies to citizens who belong to both political parties. Corruption is in all parties, and as a state we should never find ourselves in a situation where we accept corruption because a county commissioner, or city official has a (R) or (D) in front of their name. NEVER!!


Let the words written by Mr. Erwin Jackson rest heavy on you

It is hard to stand up and call your political leaders corrupt. It’s every citizens responsibility to protect our democracy.

If you are a charter county, or municipality that is experiencing corrupt county officials and you are not using the recall law FS 100.361 what are you saying about your acceptance of their corruption? For you the recall law is useless.

If you are a Florida citizen and have inside information on county or city corruption REPORT IT today.

As a citizen whole, it’s time for us to stand up! A continued blind eye to corruption will lead us down the path to Gotham, and that is not a place I want to be.

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