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Thomas Kenny Responds to Brian Barefoot’s Accusations

July 15, 2022

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I am posting this response to the article referenced. Mr. Barefoot obviously has his own personal scribe over at Vero News/32963.

In truth, the REC vote to censure was overwhelming, and further, when his supporters in the REC showed up the next month, only 14% of the total room supported him.

That is not a fringe. It’s a veto proof majority. In support of Mr. Barefoot, my opponent announced she resigned from the Republican Executive Committee in a very public statement at the beginning of the Superintendent’s workshop dated 9/14/21. Click on the YouTube link provided to watch her statement.

My opponent is obviously a very gifted educator. Her work in schools should be commended and she has served as a teacher and administrator with great heartfelt enthusiasm and success. Many people from this profession come to serve on school boards in hopes to “make a change” or implement their vision. And often, it doesn’t go as well as their well documented career. It is because at the core of being a school board member is your representation of the community. Government for the people by the people.

My opponent remarked in her very public resignation, “it is difficult enough right now to serve as a school board member without the personal pressures being put on us about our votes.”

However, that is the exact pressure a candidate signs up for when they become a representative of the people. The people are permitted as they see fit inside the bounds of law to hold their elective representatives accountable. Many of these people have their own professional experiences and life lessons that will educate any elected representative if they are humble enough to listen.

Furthermore, in regards to Barefoot’s remarks concerning Mom’s for Liberty candidates, I have never stated publicly that Dr. Moore needs to be fired. I have openly spoken during public comment and agenda items. I have disagreed, I have agreed. When elected, we will have conversations about how to best serve this school district. For Mr. Barefoot to inject such discordant accusations into a school board race is not an act of good faith in service to the SDIRC.

I am not sure why Mr. Barefoot decided he needed to openly threaten the community this way. His scribe talks of his service on many boards and Barefoot remarked, “I see the benefits of the time I invest.” For the most part, those boards are private organizations. Babson College is a $37,000 a year private school with 3340 students. 27% acceptance rate. It has a $488 million endowment. It’s not a public system.

In closing, this school system will turn around because the people are involved in the decision making process. The laws of the state of Florida are the will of the people. I started my campaign by saying, “I will follow the law.” Parental Rights is the most important aspect of governance for the SDIRC to be effective. Mr. Barefoot and my opponent did not follow law and complicated matters. The mask mandates did not adhere to a parents right to make all medical decisions concerning their children.

Led by Mr. Barefoot, my opponent changed her position and voted against parental rights on masks.

The library book issue is against FL ST. 1006.40 regarding curriculum. Parents brought these books to the attention of the SDIRC Board. We learned from admittance by Dr.Moore they were not vetted by the proper library committee because none had been formed.

Along with Mr. Barefoot, my opponent voted to keep pornographic books in the library.

When looking at current law, school policy and procedures, these were very easy decisions. Simple matters requiring only elected representatives to stand on the principles of American government. It doesn’t take a highly skilled individual from the world of finance, or great educators to do this duty. It just takes a well-grounded citizen with an understanding of who they serve everyday. The school board serves the people of Indian River County.

This reason is why I am running. It’s not “ultra-conservative” as Barefoot states. It’s common sense American government. Vote Thomas Kenny 4 School Board Dist. 4 Paid for by Thomas Kenny for School Board.

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