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July 16, 2022

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Board Member Brian Barefoot has been working to unseat me on the board. This is the antithesis of working collaboratively and professionally. Before this article, it was a somewhat behind the scenes effort. Now, it is clear. This article pretty much sums it up.

If you read or follow Vero News, you will realize that one opinion writer is the gossip columnist for a select group of people including Mr. Barefoot. The most recent article in which I am responding to is no different.

What saddens me most is the fact that an elected official is not only lying, but using the district platform, his elected position to push his own personal and political agenda. And that’s a shame.

I AM the one board member who consistently challenges the board and the superintendent on all issues of indoctrination, concerns of protecting parental rights, and ensuring children are not exposed to pornography. Apparently, this is controversial to Mr. Barefoot.

I will never apologize for standing firm on my beliefs and values. I also will not be intimidated or bullied in any way. I can respectfully agree to disagree with just about anyone on any issue without using the local media as a platform for character assassinations, innuendos, or false accusations. Until now, I have remained quite silent. Until now.

Even though the opinion writer for this article is immensely one-sided and always biased, he explains, I am the only board member who is consistently the ‘NO’ voter on items relating to social-political woke ideology, and violations of our policies or state statute.

“Clearly, he (Barefoot) was singling out Rosario, who regularly finds herself on the losing side of most of the board’s 4-1 votes.”

This is probably the only true thing he has said about me yet. I will not apologize for doing what is right and just.

The opinion writer also states, “If that wasn’t disturbing enough, School Board member Jackie Rosario told this newspaper earlier this year she was “disappointed” in the outcome of a Sheriff’s Office investigation into a criminal complaint that could’ve resulted in Barefoot, along with three other board members and the superintendent, being arrested.”

I fail to see how this is controversial at all. It IS disappointing. The Sheriff’s report stated the claims didn’t rise to the level of criminality. However, they did not use the obscenity statute in their investigation. If they did, and if they interviewed all petitioners (which they did not), I’m certain we would have had a different outcome. It is very disappointing because those books are still sitting on our school shelves today.

I am proud to be a principled voter. I voted against CRT, against the mask mandates, and against the gross library books with sexually graphic content. I am not the only board member who shared serious concerns for the LGBTQ Admin Guide. Any procedure or handbook tied to policy, state statute and federal law must be presented to the board for adoption. This “guide” was never presented to board members for adoption. Additionally, the content of this “guide” contradicts our laws. We are expecting changes to this guide very soon.

Lastly, I have shared my thoughts on the Dept. of Health’s Youth Survey publicly. Again, I was the only board member who brought this forward as a serious concern. The survey questions were not properly vetted before being released to parents and students in our district. The questions in of this survey were disturbing to say the least. It should have been thoroughly reviewed in advance and parents should have been notified about the specific questions. As a result, I am being a told we will not longer issue third party surveys.

Raising this as an issue brought change. This stuff isn’t controversial. It’s just right. They mean, I’m doing my job.

This board should follow the law. We are not absolve the law.

For the record, I have zero intention of getting rid of the superintendent. I have shared this with Dr. Moore repeatedly. Board members should never use the media for their political gain. This is exactly what Mr. Barefoot has done and it’s shameful.

If there is anyone who has been bullied, made fun of, harassed, yelled at or mocked, it would be me – NOT Mr. Barefoot and certainly NOT Dr. Moore. Want proof? Just go back to every article written about me in the Vero News, If you want more proof, I have it.

After really digesting what was written, it appears to me it’s Mr. Barefoot who is encouraging Dr. Moore to leave, NOT me. Spreading lies is dangerous. Whether direct or indirect, they greatly impact someone’s life, including mine, all employees and all children in our district. Stop using the media to spread lies. Please.

Mr. Barefoot, if you are so miserable as an elected School Board Member, you are welcome to step down.

I will not be swayed by those who use public platforms for personal and professional slander. I will not stop fighting for kids, fighting for what is right and just, and fighting to make real education great again.

Re-Elect me Jacqueline “Jackie” Rosario for School Board, Dist. 2. For more information, please visit

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