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Norman Grant’s Review of Candidates’ Night (Keep Florida Free Rally)

July 16, 2022

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The REC of Indian River County presented candidates for multiple offices Wednesday evening, 7/13, and it seems that the Republican Party will continue to be in good hands for the foreseeable future. School board candidates, County commissioners and two State representative hopefuls, spoke before a packed Heritage Center in downtown Vero Beach. But the longest hold on the audience came from K Carl Smith, a black conservative, who’s “tip” revolved around following the values of Frederick Douglass. Ironically Mr. Smith called for restraining Republicans from mentioning the word “conservative” in conversations with adversaries or fence sitters. His pitch encouraged “in-reach” before “out- reach” by resolving conflict within one’s family or household before branching out. Using Biblical analogies I appreciated the story of Paul being a tent maker, with obvious reference to spreading the Republican Party out under a “big tent”.

Then the main course. With Paul Westcott as time keeper Lamarre Notargiacomo introduced each speaker, who ran through three minutes of salesmanship. Giving a nod to Michelle Kollig for preparing the Center and pointing out the great artworks on the stage, the Vice-Chairwoman ran a smooth show.

  1. Mail-in-ballots remain devil’s workshops. A family member can “drop off” ballots for mom and dad, grandma, and grandpa, their own kids, and even the kids’ kids, plus two NON-family members envelopes. That’s a lot of harvesting. Almost the work of a “mule.”

  2. Judicial Watch recently showed that IRC voter registration “exceeded the country’s population by 1%”. More purging of polls right here and now, please.

  3. Defend Florida, who Dee works with, “Identified approximately 1.2 million active voter registrations” of Floridians who hadn’t voted in more than eight years. Dirty voter rolls lead to nefarious “borrowing” of ballots from non-users. Wanted: Dead or Alive …invalid voters.

Great messages, great volunteers, great participation, great night. Now go out there, support a Republican candidate, and spread out that tent.

Norman Grant

Vero Beach

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