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Indian River News Voting Recommendations 2022 Republican Primary

August 2, 2022

Here is the Indian River News 2022 Republican Primary Voting Recommendations List.

Below are the candidates and a brief explanation of why we have either, endorsed, recommended or chosen to do neither. We have only endorsed 4 candidates. We are not going to be endorsing any more unless we see a reason to do so.

For the Commissioner of Agriculture Republican Primary, we have endorsed James Shaw. Shaw is a farmer and businessman, someone who will represent the best interest of Floridians as Commissioner of Agriculture. He is Pro-2nd Amendment and Pro-Constitution. He has been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida. We recommend visiting his website to learn more about him and his campaign for Commissioner of Agriculture.

For the State House Race District 34 Race, there are two candidates: Robert Brackett and Karen Hiltz. Either one would be great to vote for. Brackett has lived in Indian River County his whole life and is currently the Mayor of Vero Beach. Hiltz is a former elected School Board Member when she lived in Virginia and has been involved with education for many years. Brackett is on the Board of Directors for the Indian River Charter High School.

Both share concerns about Voter Integrity and are similar in Education values. Both are Pro 2nd Amendment.

We would encourage everyone to check out their websites to learn more about them:

Robert Brackett:

Karen Hiltz:

For Board of County Commissioners District 2 race, there are two candidates running, Incumbent Commissioner Joe Flescher and Elizabeth Siebert.

We recommend going to their websites to learn about each candidate:

Joe Flescher:

Elizabeth Siebert:

Board of County Commissioners District 4, we are endorsing Joann Binford. She is Pro-Law Enforcement, Pro-Economic Development and wants to keep taxes down. She is also against Red Flag Laws, which was a key decision in our endorsement of her.

Binford notably put a temporary halt to the Children’s Trust, which would have put the County into a 12 year tax with no way out. She got the Towns of Indian River Shores and Orchid to vote NO on the Children’s Trust. You can click here to learn more about this on her website.

You can go to Joann’s website to learn more about her and where she stands on the issues.

For Circuit Judge, 19th Judicial Circuit Group 1, we are recommending Incumbent Judge and Governor Ron DeSantis Appointee, Rebecca White. Indian River News’ view on judges has been, unless there is a problem with a judge, they should not be voted out. We’ve had the chance to talk to Judge White and she does a good job as a judge. She will interpret the law as written and NOT do the nonsense the left has been known to in the Federal Courts.

Judge White is currently serving Okeechobee County in her capacity as a Circuit Judge in the 19th Circuit. She is currently working in the “civil, family and dependency divisions” in Okeechobee County in the 19th Circuit. She started the 1st Early Childhood Court in Okeechobee County. She previously worked as a Prosecutor.

You can learn more about Judge White by going to

For Circuit Judge, 19th Judicial Circuit Group 2, we are recommending Leatha Mullins. Mullins has a very impressive background, having worked a variety of law related jobs, including as a Magistrate, Civil & Family Law practitioner and as Assistant State Attorney. She was a representative at the Republican Governor’s National Convention in 1990.

You can learn more about Mullins by going to

School Board District 2 and School Board District 4 we have endorsed District 2’s incumbent Jackie Rosario and District 4 Candidate Thomas Kenny. These two will ensure children continue to get high quality education, ensure Radical Indoctrination like Critical Race Theory and similar are keep OUT of our schools, see to the end of the District’s Disciplinary problems, make sure the law is followed by both Board members and those who work in the School District.

Rosario and Kenny will both make sure more is done to increase vocational education opportunities. Both are Pro-Parental Rights, Pro-School Choice and Pro-Medical Freedom. They will also protect the right of Parents and Citizens to express their views to the School Board at the General Business Meetings. There will be a push to expand the public input time limit to 5 minutes versus the current 3 minutes.

Rosario and Kenny will make sure that books which violate Florida’s Obscenity Statute and other laws are permanently removed from the School Libraries. They will make sure the law is followed and upheld to its’ fullest extent

School Board Member Elect District 1 Dr. Gene Posca MD is on board with getting the disciplinary issue ended and with getting more vocational education in the School District.

With Dr. Gene Posca, Ms. Jackie Rosario and Mr. Thomas Kenny on the School Board, all the issues seen in the District will be able to come to an end. They will make sure the best decisions are made possible for the kids.

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