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Dear Larry Reisman: ‘Jackie Rosario and Thomas Kenny Want To KEEP Dr. David Moore’

August 3, 2023

Dear Larry Reisman, Columnist for TC Palm, in response to your Opinion Piece titled ‘Stakes high in Indian River County School Board election: Moore on firing line? | Opinion’ we want to let you know that School Board Member Jackie Rosario (District 2) and School Board Candidate Thomas Kenny (District 4) want to KEEP, we repeat, KEEP Dr. David Moore as Superintendent.

While we here at Indian River News understand the concern, we thought we could give a bit more of a clear answer on that speculation.

Given the issues and rate of academic performance in the School District, I don’t blame Rosario and Kenny for the grades given to Dr. Moore, especially when the other 4 current School Board Members haven’t been very effective in giving good direction to Dr. Moore. Rosario has been the only effective School Board Member on this current board.

If we get the combination of Dr. Gene Posca MD (Member Elect-District 1) with Jackie Rosario (Incumbent-District 2) and Thomas Kenny (District 4) on the School Board come time November, collectively these three can actually give better, more effective direction to Dr. Moore than what the current School Board has been giving him.

Here is what Ms. Rosario and Mr. Kenny said about the claims regarding Dr. Moore:

Ms. Jackie Rosario:

“I have spoken with Dr. Moore and made it very clear to him. I have never stated nor do I intend to fire him. My opinion regarding the C grade is complex because it includes a multitude of areas. My opponents and critics do not have the working relationship or the experience I have with Dr. Moore. It is easy to Monday morning quarterback when you don’t have any skin in the game. It’s quite another when you are in the thick of it. I am quite confident in my stance on this matter. Again, I have no interest in removing Dr. Moore from his position as Superintendent. I would appreciate it if the media and fellow board members would stop spreading mistruths causing confusion just prior to the opening of schools. Our district is in a good place. We are making progress. I am particularly excited to start this school year with no controversy.”

Mr. Thomas Kenny:

“I have never stated I would get rid of Dr. Moore. I had a meeting with him last Tuesday and said the same thing. Mr. Reisman assumes too much and is waging the same fear campaign as Mr. Barefoot. My grade ‘C’ means average. Or in ELA standards, ‘grade level.’ It’s time for new leadership on the School Board to give Dr. Moore clear, law abiding direction so he can focus on what he does best, turning schools around.”

We would like to add that when the LGBTQ+ Administrative Resource Guide was first discovered, it appeared to be very problematic, based off its’ contents. Granted it was only an internal resource guide; however, none the less, it was very concerning to many parents, given what has been going on across the Country. The public school system in Loundon County, Virginia for example had two girls sexually assaulted in the women’s restroom, by a biological male identifying as a transgender female. The guide looked like as though it would allow for a situation like that to happen. Our Editorial ‘School District of Indian River County allows Boys in Girls Bathrooms, Girls in Boys Bathrooms and More’ helps to explain the concerns parents here in Indian River County had at that point in time regarding the LGBTQ+ Administrative Resource Guide.

Thankfully, Dr. Moore at a School Board Meeting, following the release of that Administrative Resource Guide to the public, reassured everyone that what they thought was going on in that guide, was not happening in the District. For more information, see our article ‘Dr. Moore’s Response to LGBTQ+ Administrative Resource Guide at Beginning of May 23rd Business Meeting.’

As for recruiting teachers, Ms. Rosario had brought up the concern back in April about the shortage of Substitute Teachers in the District. She has also advocated for the creation of Disciplinary Deans, so that Assistant Principals can focus on other matters, which include student academic achievement. Mr. Kenny has also advocated for Disciplinary Deans as well.

There have been teachers in the school district that have been stressed over not being able to effectively discipline students when issues arise. To those teachers, we hear you loud and clear. Jackie Rosario hears you and Thomas Kenny hears you. Jackie is only 1 of 5 on that School Board. She can only do so much when the other four are basically working against her.

That’s why it’s important to vote for Jackie Rosario and Thomas Kenny on August 23rd. With Rosario re-elected and Kenny elected onto the School Board, they will make sure the disciplinary issues are permanently resolved. This will allow the district to be able to focus more on Academic Achievement and any other issues that may arise, given everything going on across the United States.

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