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A House Divided Can Not Stand

August 8, 2022

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A house divided can not stand.

Did you know the Amish in the USA still conduct services in a language the German group from which they came stopped long ago?

Men like tribes. Men like tradition.

Why? Because they fear that which they can not control.

“ We have the answer THEY do not ”

The Love of God , His Holiness , is quite capable of admonishing.

Jesus the servant. Walk toward that.

If we make it to heaven by keeping every jot and tittle then it is not by grace that we enter. Relative. Yes. Our paths are different. Various people are stuck in a certain place others are not.

Dr Billy Graham has a Godly humility I have yet to meet in another human. His loving tenderness was other worldly. I love people but I have yet to know true humility. When I broached the subject with him he leaned in and said “ Well Rhett, if we are talking about it we haven’t got it ” . Many sick and sinful have been redeemed and then become spiritual hero’s in their own eyes. Picking even on other ministries. Isn’t it written a man should not judge another man’s servant. Also we should not LORD IT OVER gods inheritance? Read it. It’s in there. People should preach it and teach the highest of standards and surely obedience but leave it to God to decide when someone is prepared to move forward with a deeper walk. Remember the line “ They are forever learning but never coming to the truth”

Love in action is the meat. Love in action is the truth. Finding faults and getting blinded by self righteousness because of a need to be “ correct ”? No. I’ll stake my salvation on the Lord who visited me and washed me in love. All I wanted to do was hug and love others. Admonished? Yes. Jesus never barged in demanding action from others except the table turning over incident which was not focused on any one individual but collectively said “ You have turned my Father’s house into a den of thieves ”

Some fat dude on tv calling down homosexuality when he looks like an addicted pig of gluttony. Perhaps he should clean his own house first. Joel Osteen is now the popular target of pastoral judgement. Jealousy. He builds faith… or are you suggesting Jesus lied when he reprimanded the disciples who wanted to burn by fire from heaven those preaching Jesus but in a ‘ different ’ manner.? Jesus said “ He who is not against me is for me”

Enough. Put down the books and love His sheep 🐑❤

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