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Outrageous FBI Overreach

August 9, 2022

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Remember 8/8/2022

The recent FBI invasion of the Trump estate reveals a lot about our adversaries in the Biden regime. While the cat was away, the mice did play. If there was any doubt that the Department of Justice is not the enemy of our Constitutional Republic, it was removed 8/8, a new date that should live in infamy. Who remembers the blatancy of another administration attacking a political rival this way? Elders in our party can not recall the level of hate by one side of the aisle toward the other, ever.

However, let us count the consequences.

  1. The left, in the weaponized FBI, DOJ, Democrats in Congress, and the somnambulant President, have shown desperation and fear. They feel an imminent catastrophic election cycle.

  2. Their fear also reveals their knowledge of the 2020 election theft. They know that not one of their picks for 2024 can overcome the will of the people without rigging, extortion, and hi-tech hijinks.

  3. The January 6 clown show has revealed itself to be a thin curtain covering their shaking knees.

  4. The 8/8 raid will provoke a backlash that will force Dems to rue this day.

  5. The FBI has demeaned itself and brought our DOJ to a low tide of integrity.

  6. This shameless incursion further erodes the integrity of A.G. Garland, legitimizing his being dissed for the Supreme Court. His suit is empty. The FBI leadership is corrupt. The DOJ is embarrassing our country. And Biden still thinks we don’t know he needs help dressing himself.

We will remember 8/8. Never again.

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