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No one is beneath the law, either

August 16, 2022

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No one is above the law, but by the same token, no one is below the law. Andrew Warren, the Hillsborough County prosecutor didn’t follow the law, so Gov, Ron DeSantis showed him the door. As the left keeps bleating, “no one is above the law,” justifying the million tiny bights from Donald Trump, they also should acknowledge those who don’t apply the law. Now that Warren is fighting back to save his job, it’s interesting to see his rationale.

Showing the state of Florida what “woke” looks like, Mr. Warren has left a trail of law breaking that’s hard to miss. He and his Democrat defenders prefer pushing the outrage of punishing women who get abortions in Florida, except that’s a lie. There is no punishment for women. There are laws that jeopardize the practices of doctors who defy the laws of their state. A most recent defense shows, a “Yeah but…” response in his getting two men out of jail for wrongful convictions. But the Innocence Project, a nationally renown DNA tracing group, was more responsible than he was. The “cold case” crews around the country coincidentally work mostly with liberal prosecutors, mayors, and retrained police chiefs, to free those unjustly jailed. But is that Warren’s biggest feather in his cap?

No. His progressive politics got him signing joint letters to leftist lawyer networks that defy gender identification violators, abortion restrictions and “mass incarceration” favored by his enemies, the Republicans. He’s also resistant to jailing or even charging folks for low level, non-violent crimes. Has anyone been to a CVS in New York or San Francisco where you can walk out the door with a bag full of goodies and just get mean stares? It’s been the un-law there in Tampa since Warren has been in charge. In addition, the violence is staggering and the murder rate is near an all time high.

As the mantra goes, “no one is above the law’, so too should government attorneys, not be beneath the law. Gov. DeSantis had some words for the rogue barrister: “they can’t take it upon themselves to determine which laws they like and will enforce and which laws they don’t like and then don’t enforce.” Warren’s predecessor Aramis Ayala, may have laid his groundwork. When she announced she wouldn’t “seek the death penalty in any cases”, law enforcement officials started paying attention.

Another connection with Ayala, and much more sinister, was her contributions from the emperor of progressivism, George Soros, who donated $1.6 million to her campaign. He delivered his dough from something called the Florida Safety and Justice PAC, in other words, the Soros piggy bank. He also ballooned the coffers of the next prosecutor in line, Monique Worrell in the ninth circuit, with oodles of money. Prosecutor Warren touts his having been elected twice by “the people” so that nasty Ron should lay off. Except that he may have lost either race, were it not for King George.

It’s easy to see where Warren is positioned with a progressive sugar daddy behind him. Soros says that white people are creating “mass incarceration” because of systemic racism. Nothing to do with the inordinate criminal behavior of some ethnic groups. In the Wall Street Journal just last week he admitted to believing in “equity” when it comes to jailing different races. He wants us all to be arrested, charged and jailed in equal numbers. Racial equity. Not only a novel idea, but one that comes with plenty of bucks to back it up. In “Why I Support Reform Prosecutors”, his piece in the Wall Street Journal recently, he says the out of proportion jailing of black Americans, “is an injustice that undermines our democracy.” So let’s get more whites in, and get more blacks out. Sounds logical.

Welcome to “wokeness”. Prosecutor Warren is all in, so he tries to keep criminals out. Got it. But DeSantis knows this liberal is acting beneath the law. Let him join the other lawyers of the Left, who with the help of socialist billionaires, threaten our peace and safety. Follow your mission somewhere else. Great work, Governor DeSantis.

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