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Yellow Journalism!

August 17, 2022

Editor’s Note: This article is by a Volunteer Writer and does not reflect the views of Indian River News and or its’ Owner.

Literally! Yes, you may have received this sour piece of rotten fruit in your mailbox recently. The blogger (I prefer calling him that since my father was a journalist and I won’t besmirch the title) is one of the merry band of so-called writers including Ray McNulty and Larry Reisman who have taken it upon themselves to use their outlets to try and take down an excellent, woman candidate. I have to laugh when I think about all of the people who claim they hate Trump’s “drama” when the Left and the Media, those complaining the most, caused it. This idiot now claims the race is the worst in local history, when they are the ones who’ve made up the stories!

He sends out his yellow sheet insinuating all sorts of horrible things about Jackie Rosario and her supporters. Naturally, he doesn’t have one shred of evidence supporting his lies, for if he did, it would be on the front page of the Press Journal and the Palm Beach Post. But, no, he’ll stake his reputation on it, which is a laugh because most people have never heard of him…what reputation?

That’s because he typically has a circulation of a handful of people and a few followers on social media. For this edition he offered top dollar advertising to support the spreading of crap and a couple of candidates took the bait with half page ads. Mind you, a couple wouldn’t touch his lies with a ten-foot poll…and told him so. Robbie Brackett and Deryl Loar had no problem attaching their names in a big way. Good show from the Good Ole Boys in town. Yellow is a good color for them, too. Shame on you!

There’s a name for people who sell their nasty services for top dollar…and it’s not cute. So, he was able to expand his circulation by about 300 percent. Imagine that! I understand he was funded by a number of folks, it’s amazing where campaign money will end up these days…who did you contribute to?

For me, this speaks volumes about who to vote for; I hope it does the same for you. He’s right in only one way, campaigns around here have truly fallen into the gutter. One candidate’s donors had background checks done on them and a few old items were then spread around, stifling all future support. Another amateur smearer had to retract his accusation against another school board candidate because he had no proof. And we won’t even get into the sophomoric stealing of signs. Bottom line, if your candidate is so weak and flawed, smear the opponent ceaselessly and hope some of it sticks…or better still, play the RACE card – that always works.

PS: I’ll be letting the other advertisers know how I feel about their support of this mailer. Hope you will, too.

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