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Category: Editorial

Election Myths and Realities

August 20, 2022

Local media pundits:

Much has been said and written about the school board races. Let’s clarify and dispel some myths. First, there is no CRT taught in our schools Well, there wasn’t any blatant CRT in the old curriculums we’re replacing, but we don’t know if CRT concepts were incorporated in classroom study and discussion. (Just like we found video segments from CNN used in a high school civics classroom.) And to be sure, it can be subtle. But the timing and semantics of the issue/myth can’t be ignored.

For the last few years, all districts in the state have been reviewing and selecting new curriculums in all disciplines for purchase to use during the next 5-6 years. As we started following school board activities last year, we heard the IRC school district would be selecting new K-5 English Language Arts curriculum. To be clear, if CRT wasn’t in our schools – most curriculums from the Education Industry now contain all of the propaganda that’s in vogue. See this WSJ Op Ed: https://www.wsj.com/articles/education-schools-have-long-been-mediocre-now-theyre-woke-too-teachers-college-ideological-manipulation-propaganda-11660925293

We stopped the selection of the HMH English Language Arts curriculum that was rife with CRT and LBGTQ material. We stopped the selection of the SAVVAS Advanced Placement Math curriculum that was totally biased and hyped racism thru math problems(!). Jackie discovered the plan to offer a very biased teacher and staff professional training session based on the book Courageous Conversations and convinced the Superintendent to stop it. Parents identified biased, CRT books in the library which taught an inaccurate and politically charged version of recent history and asked for removal. The district set up a flawed book review system and it will have to be redone.

1 / 2
HMH Reading
2 / 2
Savvas AP math

So, no, our schools weren’t steeped in CRT like some in this country, but there’s no doubt we were headed that way; concerned citizens and parents stopped the onslaught. With the revelations of the poor curriculums and vast numbers of residents/taxpayers agreeing, the progressives in town started a fight that still hasn’t subsided. No one has requested the books be ‘banned’ or ‘burned’ – any parent can buy the books or anyone can get the books at the public library. They’re just not appropriate to be in our schools. And like the Parental Rights bill (‘Don’t Say Gay’), the book issue was deliberately propagandized by the Left.

And that brief history brings us to this point in time. When I consider candidates for an office, I look at a number of things including their character, credentials, and experience. If they have already served in office, their voting record is also an important factor to consider. In all of the issues above and more, Jackie Rosario voted as I would have wanted her to, Teri Barenborg did not – in fact her latest mailer is a lie!

In all of your diatribes on the school board races, have any of you actually detailed the records of the candidates? I think not. Have you asked the other contenders how they would have voted? I know LaDonna Corbin was quoted as saying she thought “banning books was ludicrous.” So, what am I to conclude about her position on the subject? Better still, have any of you actually watched the videos of the meetings and heard the discussions or the public comments made? Have you talked to the public and researched the issues?

I was at many of the meeting and we’ve all been doing our homework. We’ve read excerpts from the hyper-sexualized books, and we know they have no literary merit. Many people in the community read them, too, and were appalled! There are the classics and many excellent books that contribute something to literature and learning without graphic sexual passages. Are they so bad? Is it so wrong to want to know why these terrible books stayed and a few were removed? Is that too much to ask as a parent or a taxpayer?


As for Mr. McNulty’s despair over the Republican organizations supporting and endorsing candidates in nonpartisan races, why shouldn’t they? If we want people to research the candidates and make considerations based on their character, knowledge, experience and record, why can’t another version besides yours be presented to the electorate? So far, most of what you three have published have been hearsay, lies, innuendos and reflect a liberal/progressive perspective. There are the facts and another side to be provided.

Let’s be very clear, the vitriol we’re seeing is not one sided…again, it’s NOT one sided! From the national scene on down, both sides have played a role in stoking the political fires and the media can take a standing ovation. Let me show my political prejudice… I think the Left is at the top of the class in hateful behavior. In fact, Mr. Lemmon, what I said about your publication was not ‘hateful’ or ‘hatemongering’, it was stating the facts. You don’t get to own the TRUTH. You said yourself, you had no evidence of what you were insisting, and you staked your reputation on something you said we’d never actually know. If that’s not weak, I don’t know what is.

You’ve tried to spread the rumor that the conservative candidates would get rid of the Superintendent and one of you took up the mantal for Mr. Barefoot’s crowd and said they’d end the Learning Alliance partnership (I’ve seen their emails) – it’s all lies! There is no evidence of any of it. And believe me, none of you have an edge on the truth and virtue market!

And lastly, let’s talk about Moms for Liberty, that group you love to hate. You don’t like their tactics, their forcefulness, their organized efforts…their successes? What I’ve seen in these races is a bunch of arrogant people who don’t like being challenged and don’t like someone coming with facts. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits three times for speaking my opinions and the threats weren’t from conservative Republicans! You want to talk nasty politics? I’ll be happy to point you toward a number of people and examples on the other side.

As for tactics and forcefulness – what do you expect? You three own the local media but you don’t own social media and it just kills you. What do you expect of the parents and the REC? They know you’re controlling the messages, so their only option is to pool their resources to support the candidates who represent their values and principles and get their side in front of voters. It’s called free speech and open and fair elections.

And what’s so bad about wanting a 1950’s style school system or community… with children not being told they can choose their gender in first grade or Kindergarteners discussing police relations and poverty…with teachers not “empowered to discuss their gender identity and gender expression” …kids not being taught all their ancestors were bad and they’ll always have white privilege to atone for…with math problems focused on sex discrimination and racism? Is it really too much to ask?

And let’s dispel one last myth – “the Education Industry are the experts on teaching and should call all of the shots” – NOT! I’ll be happy to share with you my history of how we got to where we are today. It details a massive movement encompassing universities, national publishers, unions, non-profit organizations/foundations, bureaucrats, and administrators who control the message and the $Billions of purely taxpayer monies and aren’t giving it up without a fight. Well, the parents and concerned citizens are here to disagree. And we’re not going quietly, no matter what you publish!

PS: Here’s a tip – our next look will be at health organizations and mental health programs…Here’s an example of what parents need to be aware of, start doing your homework: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-american-academy-of-pediatrics-dubious-transgender-science-jack-turban-research-social-contagion-gender-dysphoria-puberty-blockers-uk-11660732791?page=1 Also attached as a word doc.

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