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Jennifer Pippin Speaks the Facts About Another Opinion Blog

August 28, 2022

Editor’s Note: Indian River News is not responsible for the contents of this Editorial. This Editorial was written in reference to a piece written by Vero News Columnist Ray McNulty. Click here to view that article. The author has agreed to assume all responsibility for its’ contents.

Election season is the reason most people don’t get into politics, but much is at stake if we don’t. For the record I think school board races should be partisan because we need to know what we are voting for because liberals have made education political.

Ray lied….Moms for Liberty has over 200 chapters, over 100,000 members in 40 states. His “stats” are from June 2022. Two and a half months off.

Ray lied…..”we don’t co-parent with the government” is one of our mottos this says nothing about professional educators….most teachers and staff are absolutely amazing people. The government in schools is the school board. They work for us and are public servants. We see behind the education curtain and will not sit silent anymore.

Ray lied….There is no proof that Moms for Liberty created the Barenporn sign. The first time I saw it posted was on Stacey Klim’s aggravating page aka “advocate page.”

Ray lied…..There is no proof Moms for Liberty had anything to do with the Crazy Corbin signs and even states his source another weak liberal man Lemmon didn’t have the proof either….see IRN previous article on the signs

Ray lied….Critical Race Theory was being taught in Indian River County thru professional development. Courageous Conversations had teachings of CRT and one example of this was asking teachers and staff to “define their whiteness”. Also currently we have library books in our public schools that have CRT in them. For example “Antiracist Baby” is in our elementary schools. “Black Friend: How To be a Better White Person” is in our high schools.

Ray lied…..approximately 200 sexually explicit content library books will be permanently removed with the new parents in education laws effective 7/1/2022. The challenged library books in 2/2022 had a policy and procedure that changed three times in four months and legislation had to change for due process here in IRC. Watch once the policy/procedure/committee is formed how fast these 200 library books including rape, incest, pedophilia, bestiality and more are permanently removed.

Ray lied….where is the proof of the “hijacking” of the Lemmon Lines blog? I posted articles, comments and proof that Lemmon’s special edition accusing myself and others (Rosario supporters) of being “racist” and “sinister campaign against Corbin and her Crazy Corbin signs”. Of course I engaged in dialogue and posted the facts and truth to defend myself and Moms for Liberty of the LIES.

Ray lied…..Moms for Liberty endorsed candidates on our mission and values, parental rights and best by all children. It’s not about politics, we are non partisan 501c4 organization. We are parents, grandparents and the majority of the community that will not take a back seat to our childrens education any longer. We will continue to defend parental rights in the upbringing, healthcare and education of OUR children, continuing to get the pornography out of the schools, advocating for the best curriculum for all children, keeping opposite sex out of our childrens bathrooms, locker rooms, overnight field trips and more because of “feelings”. Members of Moms for Liberty endorses, not the board. So it’s not even up to me who gets endorsed.

Ray lied….The increase of law enforcement I first recognized was when Michael Marsh organized a counter protest of a few people, but was mainly a one man circus. He was protesting our peaceful protest of parents, grandparents and children using foul language and filed a false police report against a elderly woman. And with his felony/misdemeanor record in three counties here in Florida that is my opinion of why law enforcement increased.

What Ray did get right is him and Russ have ZERO proof of their blog information and only have opinions. Well imagine a world of freedom of speech and first amendment rights, but with facts and truth. That’s Jennifer Pippin and Moms for Liberty.

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