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Denying the Mass Media Monsters

October 7, 2022

Recently the USA Today network allowed an opinion scribe to write the headline, “Crying voter fraud poses a threat to our republic.” Bruce Anderson, a Florida henchman for the extremist Democrat media, cries himself for his feeble readers. They have had so much wool pulled over their eyes by the semi-fascist trumpists, that he fears for our upcoming elections. Not because there will be voter fraud, not because of Zuckerbucks flooding the major cities’ polling places “curing” ballots on the side of Dem candidates with nary a Republican in sight, not because of the dead not being purged from voter rolls, or parking spaces getting mail-in ballots, nor the Walking Dead signing their absentee ballot with the bones of their digits. No. As a result of Republican whimpering, our elections might be diminished. “We might lose political power. We can lose the nation itself.”

The wool pulled over the readers eyes extends all the way down over their computers, laptops and even wraps itself around their i-phone 12’s or whatever. They can’t seem to find out what makes these election “deniers” tick. Certainly not Tik Toc which furnishes troves of limp information to furrow the brows of the unsuspecting sub-seniors out there in USA Today land. What they deny is the credibility of the legacy press, the Mass Media Monster.

“How can those old semi-fascist fools deny the election?” Which part? The election process in which every state in the union transformed their decades old election rules in days to please the pandemic-paranoid partisans on the left? Some new rules enacted by governors or courts since legislatures couldn’t figure out how to meet on such short notice? Many were still caught in Greece, the South of France or in their Caribbean cottages, and couldn’t get flights back. Those damned airlines.

So we got not only millions of unsolicited applications for absentee- now -turned just plain ole “mail-ins”, but some states sent out actual ballots. “Oops, maybe we shouldn’t have done that, but well, it’s too late now. Fix it later.” Meanwhile, the actual virus, the “democrat activists” in major cities, began planning with the help of more than $400 million from the Chen-Zuckerberg Initiative and the CTCL (Center for Tech and Civic Life) according to Mollie Hemingway’s book, “Rigged”, to finance Boards of Elections all over the country.

Do those Republi-nazis deny the machines too? What vote switching? Prove it. Show us the ballots that were switched from Trump to Biden. You’re showing us vote counts from Michigan and Wisconsin in counties that voted 80% for Trump in 2016 and now Biden won by five votes? Why can’t you believe that? Why can’t you believe that Trump received, in this perfectly free and fair election, 12 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016, and Bunker Biden blinking as he arose from his fallout shelter quizzically asked “Did I win?” You deny that? Damn those reports from National Security Administration’s tech dudes that showed the vulnerability of Dominion machines to hacking.

And let’s not forget about those media outlets that excoriated The Donald for five years. Russia, Stormy, bleach, property estimates, peeing on beds and veterans’ graves somewhere in France, not having enough black Black Jack Dealers in his casino? The press helped tell the truth about the big loser. Who would vote for a guy who short circuited energy regs so the U.S. could finally become energy independent, thus forestalling any reliance on OPEC, Saudi Arabia or even (cough,cough) Venezuela? Why would you support a dopey foul mouthed New Yawka who angered France and Germany about coughing it up for NATO, showed Europe how to create more secure borders, got out of the Paris Climate Accords, and dissed our Iranian friends? The Space Force? Don’t make them laugh. Who would think a dope like that would beat Joe. “Nobody eff’s with a Biden”.

So today when I see on the Washington Post website the pictures of the 299 “deniers” that are on ballots all across the country, we see why the Dems hate most Republican candidates across the country. Their faces stuck there like the “Most Wanted” posters from the wild west. “Don’t vote for these deniers”. Our USA reporter continues with, “how embedded election fraud has become…It is not legitimate…they are liars.” Somehow the left thinks our implicit bias got hold of our super ego, and forged an unseemly alliance with the dark side. We are all liars. So are our Republican leaders. And we threaten the republic. No. We are the Republicans. We threaten Democrat power. And we don’t deny it.

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