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Reclaiming Education… Reclaiming Our Culture

November 3, 2022

So a local journalist couched a nasty smear campaign against Moms for Liberty and Jackie Rosario in a column about the Republican Executive Committee. Let’s talk turkey about the REC…

Over the years people have asked me to join the REC but the internal politics and “good ole boy/girl” domination always turned me off. I felt I could do more for issues like the high-speed rail and education by staying independent. I base my politics on conservative principles and what I believe are our shared values. I understand that my GOP friends and I will not always see eye to eye. But our actions must be drawn from a conservative perspective and in many ways must be selfless because it’s not about me or you or any individual; it’s about God, family, and country.

The so-called journalist interviewed unhappy members and ex-members of the REC – Frank Sosta, Joe Flescher and Ed Barenborg for comments. They’re all small men with giant egos and they are all whiners. Ed Barenborg was whining about a comment made about his wife at the last school board meeting …suck it up, Ed! She’s been whining about constituents not liking her positions since she was elected the first time…God knows why she ran, again!

Ed Barenborg was Senator-Elect Grall’s Legislative Staffer for many years. (I might remind everyone that Erin’s parents were one of the sponsors of an event for Jackie Rosario.) As I worked on various projects and needed the support of Rep. Grall, it became clear that Ed Barenborg is not just an aide; he was filter. If Ed didn’t agree with what you wanted help with, Erin never heard about it. Everyone has their “Ed stories”.

I don’t know how many people have told me stories about, dare I say it… Joe and his nasty campaign tactics? Everyone knows that he “owns” the seat. I remember years ago he sponsored a group of Wacko-Greenies asking the County Commissioners to pass a symbolic resolution Banning Fracking in Florida. People stifled their guffaws. During the primary, he harassed me about donating to his opponent while standing in front of an early polling place… I knew I hadn’t! He said, “Go home and look it up!” I did and I wasn’t on her donor list – about that time, I got a call of apology…talk about whining!

What surprises me most is that Joe managed to come up with a new slur against the Moms for Liberty group – renegades! Someone must have helped him. We’ve heard fringe group, radicals, and hateful, but Joe…renegades…I’m impressed! Reminds me of another RINO – John McCain.

Frank Sosta was one of the reasons I never joined the REC. Frank worked hard to protect his turf at the REC. He never liked Trump and told his barber shop clients so. In fact, he made life Hell for a group of conservative women who wanted to start a Women for Trump group. They went around him, direct to the Trump campaign, and started their group.

Frank may not have liked Trump because of his hits on Low Energy JEB!. JEB! and the Bush family were icons for many old guard REC members. I remember speaking at a meeting of the Evening Club about Common Core and Environmental Issues and how they were being used to condition kids. When I talked about JEB! and his education foundation Achieve supporting a global Common Core initiative/curriculum, Carol Jean Jordon nearly threw her pen at me.

My problem with Teri Barenborg is she NEVER spoke out forcefully against any of the Left’s attempts to infuse CRT and Socialist principles into curriculum, textbook and resource materials. Either she agreed or she wouldn’t question the system…she was part of it. She voted every time for what the staff deemed the ‘best’ and never questioned their selection process…NEVER. As for pornographic books, she NEVER questioned the review process behind closed doors with no explanations to the parents who challenged the books – NEVER.

Worse still, she NEVER spoke out forcefully against the LBGTQ+ Guidelines…never a mention of the sharing bathrooms and locker rooms, nor about choosing your gender, nor teachers encouraged to share with students their sexual preferences…NEVER! When the Superintendent said they just “needed to be edited” with no board approval…she AGREED! It was all on Jackie Rosario to carry our conservative principles and push for our shared values and she did a stellar job!

And that brings us to my latest report on the push for LBGTQ+ efforts by the Radical Left to get their friend on our school board.

It’s important you know that Cindy Gibbs was not only endorsed by Charlie Christ and the Teachers Union but also Equality Florida, the powerful far Left LBGTQ lobbying group. This is the extremist organization that’s pushing for gender dysphoria treatments, complete with mutilations, for children under 18. Equality Florida organized rallies and a press conference last week at the meeting of the Florida Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine when they met to discuss a rule restricting doctors from treating MINORS with these permanent procedures.

Between Equality Florida and the teachers union, it’s an ongoing battle to protect our kids and our schools. I don’t know about you, but my husband and I are thoroughly disgusted with the way this country has been heading, particularly with the far-Left push against normal, traditional and moral education of our kids. We all need to start asking some questions… Why are our local news media and RINO’s so afraid of Moms for Liberty and Jackie Rosario? What do the radical Leftist groups and those spreading the lies get from deceiving voters? Why here and why now?

Then ask yourself what side you are on and when do you take a stand?

Editor’s Note: State Senator-Elect’s Erin Grall’s Husband Michael Bielecki confirmed in the comment’s section of a Facebook post that his wife’s long time Legislative Staffer Ed Barenborg had resigned from his position 24 hours prior to the publication of the Editorial Ms. Mehiel wrote this Editorial in response to.

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