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Dear Ed Barenborg

November 13, 2022

Dear Mr. Ed Barenborg,

Please stop attacking me. Negative attacks don’t work in Vero. In the primary race of four people, 47% of voters agree. In the general election, 55% also agree. Your inaccurate statements don’t make me look bad. Instead, they reflect poorly on you alone. I am sorry you are angry, but that’s not my fault. Making inaccurate statements against me, like other slighted local media sources and small fringe groups have attempted will backfire. Your attempts will only have a negative effect on how your wife and I work on the board. I don’t want this, so please stop. I want to work with your wife in a positive way moving forward. Please, move on. Breathe. Heal. And leave me alone.

Thank you.

Educationally yours,

Jackie Rosario

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