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New School Board Begins With Partisan Votes

December 1, 2022

A recent editorial spoke about partisanship and how it’s not good for our region. One claim is NPA candidates shouldn’t help their campaigns by associating themselves with party affiliated candidates. Letters from the public stating why they endorse or support a candidate were banned, yet the editorial board interviewed candidates and gave their endorsement. SORRY, they were recommendations, and I believe clearly partisan.

Then on November 22 at 11:30am the SDIRC held a swearing in ceremony for three NPA school board members. Judge Victoria L. Griffin, before administering the oath, stated she hopes the members will keep children as their priority. The room was full of individuals there to observe each member take their oath of office with family members beside them. Many pictures were taken to memorialize the occasion.

Next came the organizational meeting where the first order of business was nominating and voting for chair and vice-chair. I’m not sure anyone in the audience expected to witness what happened next.

A nomination and vote for chair resulted in a 3-2 yes vote for Jones. Then a nomination and vote for vice-chair took place. Rosario was nominated by Posca, which she had to second the nomination as no one else would, and the result was a 3-2 no vote. It was very clear that everyone in the room just witnessed for themselves what the next two years will embody – partisanship.

It appears those who tried so hard to defeat Rosario will use every tool in their toolbox to minimize her, and now Posca, moving forward. IT IS about power and control. IT IS about promoting the woke status quo agenda. Sorry judge, this dogmatic display confirms IT IS NOT about the children!

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