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Don’t Trust The Post Office

January 17, 2023

Remember when covid allowed the Dems to push emergency vote-by-mail “emergency policies”?

That’s when the doors of legitimate voting flew open. “Absentee ballots” went nuclear. Can we trust the U.S. Postal Service to get all these “votes” counted in time, with signature verification, affirmed by current voter roles, in lieu of picture ID and present tense voting in person? We were skeptical Big League.

We saw in the movie “2000 Mules” that ballot harvesting was bought and paid for. Mollie Hemingway in her book, “Rigged” explained how Zuckerbucks moved a harvest of leftist activists to expropriate voter roles, take over Boards of Elections, and move Republican poll watchers out of the way while big city Dems took over the counting in Presidential 2020. Besides the unreliable, manipulated and ‘cooked” voting machines in urban swing states, the unsung villain of the Big Steal, may have been your local post office.

James O’Keefe, the Project Veritas chief writes an indictment of the USPS in his latest book, American Muckraker. The narrative he lays out could make an average citizen squirm. On November 4th , 2020, a candid camera journalist interviews a postal worker in Traverse City, Michigan, who overheard a worrisome tale. His supervisor told the workers to pre-date late arriving “mail-in-ballots” so that Nov. 3rd would appear on the post mark of the envelopes, instead of November 4th. The boss was instructing his workers to commit a fraud. Those votes, which should not be counted, were to be counted.

Big deal. Bigger deal is that a postal worker in Eerie, Pa, saw the YouTube video where the original worker was spilling his guts, and realized he heard the exact same instructions in his Post Office. Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the service that sends letter to Santa, gets your cookies almost on time to Idaho, and letters of condolences to mourning families swiftly, is playing with the voting mechanisms of our country? Post Master Generals in swing states were switching vote dates for a reason.

Project Veritas interviewed the Pennsylvania whistleblower and the conversation hit TV screens. The Eerie, Pa. postal worker risked his job coming forward, but maintained his supervisor was meddling in the 2020 Presidential election. The main idea though was that multiple Postmaster Generals in different states must have given the same orders to their workers if such instructions were given on the same day to workers in two states. Who gave the Postmaster Generals that order to conspire on the dates?

O’Keefe doesn’t claim that the votes allowed would have swung elections, but clearly a crime was committed. When the author had the Pa. whistleblower wear a wire when a “federal Postal Inspector” came to interview the worker, the doo doo hit the fan. The fed tried to pull a water boarding to get the poor guy, who was risking his great gummint job, to rescind. The rest is for you to read. Get hold of this book by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe to see who’s working for us. Donate to his project. Keep this country clean of Big Gov deception.

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