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March 10, 2023

The Electronic Registration Information Center is out of business in Florida. Secretary of State Cord Byrd just decided to take Florida out of this illegitimate voter information gathering NGO. A highly biased system with shaky supporters didn’t help conservatives in elections by putting its thumb on the liberal side of all registration questions. In announcing the split, Mr. Byrd said, “As Secretary of State, I have an obligation to protect the personal information of Florida’s citizens, which the ERIC agreement requires us to share. Florida has tried to back reforms to increase protections, but these protections were refused, we have lost confidence in ERIC.”

When gathering voter information it seems that the left-wingers at ERIC would “share” private identification information to interested political entities, possibly in a commercial exchange. Foes of conservatives could pay to explore the most minute details of your personal history. If your driver’s license number or even your picture were sold to third parties, we’d have a problem. Just a cursory look shows some nefarious supporters, financial and otherwise. We see the ACLU, People for the American Way, the Pew Charitable Trust, and most notably the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative contributing hundreds of million dollars to Biden’s campaign. ERIC had become an adversary.

Florida Joined ERIC under Gov. Rick Scott, but he soured on it fast. Another deal was made when Ron DeSantis was elected thinking that the oversight of the elections process needed more scrutiny. Too many inactive voters remained in ERIC data banks, even after the allotted two general cycles of not voting. Those who moved, died, or assumed another identity had no communication with local Boards of Elections. As we see now the numbers of ineligible voters has not been verified to the Department of State’s liking. We need to keep up with the numbers of ineligible or inactive voters. The number of states dismissing this questionable organization is growing, but we would like to thank Gov. DeSantis and Secretary of State Cord Byrd with solidifying voter protections and keeping a watchful eye over our democracy.

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