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We Should Reject the Concept of Equity

Stating the obvious: not everyone is going to agree on everything. This was made clear in the SDIRC March 13 board meeting when equity was brought up as a topic during public comment. Kevin Browning came to the podium and began apologizing for his comments before he made them. Why? Did he not mean to say what he said? Did he not mean to be offensive? I believe he meant to say what he said, or he would not have said it.

So, what did he say? He referred to a movie named “Django” to which he stated, “the slaver said to the black man, didn’t I give you my last apple, as if he did him a favor.” He’s correct to say it was sickening and so wrong. But he proceeded to state, “I invite you right now, if you have those feelings, please take off your hood, show us who you are.” Are these words not equally sickening and so wrong? We all know what hood refers to.

Since I’ve not seen the movie, I looked it up and see the credits state “The Weinstein Company and Columbia Pictures present a film by Quentin Tarantino.” I’m not sure if you are aware, but Harvey Weinstein is a sexual deviant currently serving jail time and many Tarantino films are known for their provocative and controversial content.

Irrespective of the comments made, the real discussion here revolves around the word equity and why the district should or should not have an equity policy. Let me state that homeowners and investors want equity as this equates to financial gain. However, the education system has a different meaning. It’s not buying something and expecting financial growth. The education elites have hijacked the word to claim they want to provide resources to children they determine to be less fortunate or capable. By attempting to level the playing field they claim they are making children equal, but equality isn’t the real concern. The real agenda seeks to provide children what they need to realize the same outcomes. Dumbing down is the outcome.

Let me expand on equity. Equity is not the same as equal or equality, yet many believe it is. The difference is equality refers to equal opportunity whereas equity refers to allocation or redistribution of resources to have equal outcomes. We want all children to have access to equal opportunity, but it’s not in the best interests of anyone to take resources from one individual and give to another based on a hope of achieving equal outcomes. As individuals, we should never expect everyone to experience the same outcomes. The reality is outcomes are based on individual skills, talents, interests, and efforts. Why would anyone expect the same outcomes from a classroom of 25 children? This is insanity!

One fact that seems to get lost in this debate is that it’s not only black and brown families that are poor, disadvantaged, or down on their luck. Many white families fall into these categories as well.

Because equity does not mean equal, we must recognize what our founding fathers openly stated in The Declaration of Independence. The second paragraph reads:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This doesn’t mean all of us are entitled to the same outcome. It plainly states that all of us are created, our Creator provided us with unalienable rights, and we have choices in pursuing our dreams. Yes, some make better decisions than others, but we all are afforded equal opportunity.

There is a bigger picture here: Critical Race Theory or CRT, which is based on the tenets of Marxism. This is the overarching umbrella for many other theories, ideologies, and concepts. They are all connected via word usage, organizations, universities, publishers, politics, and more. Equity is part of this word salad.

Contentious and divisive theories have crept into the K-12 education system and continue to do so. Many governors, politicians, and parents don’t realize the covert tactics being used by radical individuals and ideologues. Omitting information or slipping nice, feel-good words and phrases into instructional materials will ensure children are taught to disregard many aspects of our constitutional republic and hate what our founding fathers created.

All of us should be seeking to preserve equal opportunity rather than buying into the theory du jour. Quit focusing on how much melanin one has. Instead, seek to understand and appreciate the talents and skills and character we each have to offer. Foster these traits. Focusing on what we don’t have only continues to perpetuate the cycle of fear, envy, and hate.

Let’s be honest! If we really want children to succeed, then raise the bar, provide a real quality education, graduate proficient learners, and get out of their way. Our education system needs to wake up and realize every child is unique, has different talents, seeks to follow their dreams. Teach the basics. Let parents handle their child’s social and emotional wellbeing. This will revive creativity and we will see a truly educated population ready to take the reins for ensuring everyone has equal opportunity in our constitutional republic.

One last thought. Mr. Browning mentioned slavery in his comments. It would bode well for all of us to recognize that individuals who rely on government funded programs for their survival are engaging in what I believe to be the equivalent of modern-day slavery. This is what equity looks like! Outcomes that trap too many families in poverty regardless of their melanin level.

We all have the ability to thrive if we will hone our God given talents and take action to realize our own dreams.

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