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Governor is Cleaning House

March 18, 2023

If you haven’t been to college in a while, you would think nothing of some new programs being given the heave ho. Not that there’s anything wrong with paying a high – priced university 50k a year for your daughter to graduate with a major in philosophy. But there are less useful programs. We used to call them ”Basket Weaving 101 or “Figure Modeling”, maybe even studying why dogs bark with your Animal Husbandry degree. Now there are studies much more pernicious under the titles of Social Justice, Global Equity, or Universal Inclusion.

Far from studying UFO’s the modern college student can be well versed in “woke” classes of all kinds. But what is “woke” besides something that Governor DeSantis doesn’t like? In recent news reports we see shocked rebuttals of all kinds when he says, “Florida is where Woke goes to die.” The new laws affecting the k-3rd grades raised the hackles of Progressives across the State. Progressives are the newly awakened. They want to stress the dark side of our society and our country’s history. Real Democrats have had to tolerate the Progressives because they make a great noise attracting attention to causes moderates actually support. But “woke” is not the mainstream Democrat. Ask Bill Maher who rants against the approach of today’s radicals.

What are some of those ills? We oppress transgender kids in schools. Incorrect Pronouns hurt the very frailest, not only in schools but at work too. “She” is encouraged to be referred to as “them”. We don’t teach slavery enough either. What about the slaughter of indigenous people. Recall the bloodiest and nastiest episodes of building a nation. Anything anti-American will do. The “woke” don’t just see the glass half empty, but broken. They need to defy our greatness, belittle U.S. accomplishments, and devolve nuclear families while the attacks get more visceral. Woke is a pestilence that wants to be a pandemic.

Most disturbing is the eruption of punishment for those who aren’t awake enough. Workers are fired for not towing a vague line of vocabulary correctness. Teachers and professors shun students who don’t cooperate with the woke program. Professional speakers have been shut down in California universities recently with violent demonstrations which seem more organized than ever. The overwhelming majority of professors at secondary institutions are nominally Democrats. Too many of those, are revolutionary Marxists. One woke activist quoted in The Federalist, “If you are just hiring the best people, you’re part of the problem.”

Code words used as dog whistles to raise the consciousness of the whiniest are being invented daily. The Federal Department of Education has “social Justice” included in its mission statement. The words, “Racial justice,” Racial equity,” and “systemic racism” pervade teacher’s manuals all over the country. “Diversity” always means racial diversity to the left. “Equity” means lowering standards to accommodate ALL students, and “Inclusion” is a code word for the perception that some races are intentionally being left out. Of what, we’re not sure. The sixties created Supreme Court cases that handle discrimination in schools and at work. But this attack of the “woke” averts any appeal to law, just perceived virtues.

This is the woke that DeSantis is trying to clear from the secondary school system. Having brought attention to the k – 12 public schools with the Parents’ Rights Law, it’s time for the house-cleaning of Florida colleges. DeSantis is at war with administrations who use the following words or phrases in their policy statements: “implicit bias, systemic oppression, white privilege, transgender ideology” etc. Colleges across the country are making fortunes selling these woke concepts to kids who may just be looking for something unique, but too often they jump aboard the Woke Wagon, and make anti-social behavior a career.

DeSantis is taking a long look at “woke” spending. He says $34.5 million is spent on indoctrination, diversity hiring, and novel race based giveaways. Fla A+M receives $4.1 million, FSU $2.25, U of F $3.3, and UCF are being vastly overfunded in equity and inclusion dollars. Don’t be aghast that The New College, which admits to being a “progressive” institution, is having its bias shredded. As the Governor abolishes the “diversity office” we see a picture in a local publication of a peaceful demonstration, against the new rules, but not one kid listening is a student of color. It’s a picture of Diversity hogwash.

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