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Republican Women: It’s Time to Stop Listening to the Left

April 21, 2023

To my GOP Girlfriends: It’s time to stop listening to the LEFT!

I was at the last Republican Women’s luncheon in Vero Beach and the following day I read an article by Liz Peek for Both brought to mind a common theme that has been circulating throughout our party and communities in general – ”The Diminishing Republican Women’s Vote” as it affects the 2024 elections. As a conservative, Republican woman, I have an opinion on this theme and the memes that surround it.

I frequently hear, “Trump’s supporters, particularly women, are worn out from the constant drama and his mean tweets! He can’t win.” Well, if you’re one of those women agreeing, congratulations! You’re doing the good work of the Progressives. They’ve perpetuated the “unstable, corrupt outsider” meme since he shocked them by beating Hillary in 2016. One of their main weapons for taking him out is the constant attacks and, when he responds, he’s called stupid and crude by the Mainstream Media, Left and Never-Trumpers.

We know some Evangelicals and southerners were skeptical of him because of his past personal life and mean tweets and debate style during the 2016 campaign. Some conservative women may have agreed during his first term as he reacted to the constant attacks, including two failed impeachment attempts. But come 2021 and, more often than not, the common phrase was “I miss mean tweets!” while Biden was destroying our country and its institutions.

After Trump’s accomplishments during his first term, including SCOTUS appointments and his stance on abortion, Evangelicals came over to be some of his strongest supporters in 2020. (That’s one of the many reasons the steal was so apparent.) His followers itemized his great accomplishments during the first 4 years – promises made, promises kept. Many said, “think of what more he could have done if he wasn’t fighting the Dems and their messaging arm, the MSM, all the time!”

And that’s the point! If you’re one of those who has complained about the “constant drama,” what would you have expected? That he would stay silent and turn the other cheek? Really? He’s a fighter and a winner and he wasn’t going to overlook the slings and arrows – he was going to fire back. That “drama” some are complaining about…it has been a reaction to seven long years of constant, groundless harassment of a nonpolitician…would you have preferred a “good ole boy”, beholden to his money men?

One local conservative told me his wife and her friends are tired of Trump’s behavior and they’re considering Nikki Haley or Mike Pompeo instead. Well, if you think next year will make or break our Republic and the country we love, and you don’t think we still need a street fighter and wrecking ball, then you are terribly wrong. One of the reasons they hate and fear Trump so much is because, try as they might, they can’t touch him – He’s raised over $20 million since his NYC indictment(!). They can’t control him, and he knows the Deep State and Uni-party better than any other person in the GOP race. He must be taken out by whatever means possible.

Then there’s the other women’s issue, like the elephant in the corner of the room – “The Abortion Issue.” The Left has nicely positioned Abortion as the key downfall of the GOP…have you fallen for that one, too? It’s being used as the reason the conservative candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court lost the race earlier this month. Ronna McDaniel, President of the RNC, claimed after the fact, the WI GOP candidates didn’t “have the right message.” Gee, Ronna, where were you and your brilliant mind during the past year? What was the better message?

Liz Peek has some thoughts on the topic in her latest article for “The one pivot Republicans could make to start winning again.” One suggestion “By demanding that every state put abortion laws before voters, instead of allowing governors and state legislatures to dictate policy… That’s called democracy, with all voters having their say.

Well, no Liz, we live in a Constitutional Republic, NOT A DEMOCRACY! The Abortion decision has gone back to the states and how they handle it should be determined by each state’s constitution and is not the purview of a President. If a state’s constitution requires a law voted on by their legislatures or a review of a 19th century law, then the voters give their power to the candidates they elect to follow the voters’ will. But it gets worse…

Liz Peek also says, “…Trump can remind voters that the Republican Party is supposed to be the party of freedom and liberty. How can the GOP claim that mantle while denying half the country one of the most personal freedoms that exists – how to manage their own bodies and their families?”

Yep, you read that right…abortion isn’t killing a baby, it’s a way for women to “manage their families”. So, there it is – this is why we are being threatened with “The Abortion Issue” …Christianity and the belief in the sanctity of life must be stopped. We see it in our schools, we see it in the entertainment industry, in advertising…it surrounds us and now Liz has spoken it…the Republican Party must stand up for the freedom to kill unborn babies!

If you are a Republican woman, it’s time for you to stop listening to the Left’s direction on what you should think and how you should vote. Stop playing their games! If you care about this country, if you care about our Judeo-Christian foundation, about what’s right and good, then it’s time for you to stand up and be counted! It’s time for you to speak the truth to your friends and neighbors. Trump is not the enemy. We are their target, and he stands in their way! We have little over a year to marshal the votes to take this country back. The choice is yours – follow the direction of the Left or save our country and our children. It’s now or never!

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