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November 2, 2021

Councilmembers Fred Jones, Chris Nunn and Bob McPartlan won the 2021 Sebastian City Council Race.

All 8 Proposed City Charter changes were approved by the citizens of Sebastian.

Councilman Rey Neville and Nonincumbent John Contungo won the Vero Beach City Council Race.

The Lease of Portion of Old City Nursery to Indian River County was approved by Vero Beach voters, replacing the prior lease.

The results of the Sebastian Municipal and Vero Beach Municipal Elections can be viewed here.

The citizens of Fellsmere voted to amend their City Charter to change the time of when candidates can qualify and the amount of time the Mayor has to declare an election. These proposed Charter Amendments were recommended by Supervisor of Elections Leslie Swan in response to the rise of Mail-In Voting.

The results of the Fellsmere Municipal Election can be viewed here

Thank you to the volunteers at the polling stations, Supervisor of Elections Office staff and Supervisor Leslie Swan for ensuring a smooth election today and being a part of our civic process.

Thank you to anyone who volunteered for a candidate (or candidates) this year.

Thank you to all who ran for office this year and most importantly, thank you to all citizens who voted in today’s election. Your contribution is part of what makes the United States of America the beautiful Constitutional Republic that it is. Thank you.

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