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Jackie Rosario endorsed by State Rep. and Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini

April 20, 2022

State Rep. and Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini has endorsed Indian River County School Board member Jackie Rosario for reelection.

In a press release put out by Jackie Rosario announcing the endorsement, State Rep. Sabatini said “You have my full support. Keep up the good work and continue fighting hard to do what is right and just for these kids.”

Ms. Rosario said regarding the endorsement “I am truly honored for Mr. Sabatini‚Äôs full support. We had a great conversation about the principals of education. Mr. Sabatini has been a strong leader on conservative values. I am extremely grateful for his service to this country and to the citizens of Florida.”

Ms. Rosario is a major supporter of Parental Rights and has advocated heavily for that during her time in office (and continues to do so). She is for School Choice and has stood against Critical Race Theory.

Ms. Rosario has been a strong proponent of ensure books that do not follow state statute regarding sexual and obscene content, are removed from School District of Indian River County, School Libraries.

Ms. Rosario is running for relection in School Board District 2.

The Honorable Anthony Sabatini is a Florida State Rep from Central Florida who is currently running for Congress in Congressional District 7.

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