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We the People Indian River County Endorses in Local School Board Elections

May 14, 2022

Local Pro-Constitution Group We the People Indian River County has recently publicly endorsed for the School Board Elections in Indian River County. They candidates they endorsed are Jim Parla in District 1, Jackie Rosario in District 2 and Thomas Kenny in District 4.

We the People Indian River County have found that the candidates:

  • Obey Florida Laws

  • Honor Parents Rights

  • Restore Trust with Families & Educators

  • Student Achievement

  • Alternatives to College

  • Re-establish Transparency & Accountability

Parla is a retired Superintendent when he lived up north. He is currently a Professor at Columbia University. He has been a visitor to Indian River County since the late 1970s.

Rosario is a current member of the Indian River County School Board. She stands strongly for Parents Rights. Many Conservatives in the area have found Rosario to be the best School Board member right now out of the five current members on the board.

Kenny has a background in live broadcasting and multi-media presentations, having previously worked for XM Radio. He’s been advocating with We the People Indian River County and Moms for Liberty Indian River, Florida the past few months regarding various issues within the School District.

Below is the Facebook Post from We the People Indian River County announcing their endorsement of Parla, Rosario and Kenny.

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