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Jackie Rosario endorsed by C.L. Bryant

May 24, 2022; Updated May 1, 2023

Conservative School Board Member and Candidate Jackie Rosario has announced that she has received the endorsement of C.L. Bryant, a well-known Minister, Syndicated Radio Host, Orator, Advocate, and Author. Rosario, who is running for District 2, was elected to her position in 2018 and has since been known for her strong stances on various education-related issues.

Rosario has been a staunch supporter of parental rights, school choice, and the removal of library books with inappropriate sexual content. Additionally, she has been a vocal opponent of critical race theory being taught in schools.

With the endorsement of Bryant, Rosario’s campaign gains a significant boost. Bryant is a prominent figure in conservative circles and has long been an advocate for individual freedoms and limited government. He is known for his charismatic speaking style and has authored several books on the topic of liberty.

Bryant’s endorsement speaks volumes about Rosario’s commitment to conservative values and her dedication to serving her constituents. She has already garnered significant support from voters in her district, and with Bryant’s endorsement, she is sure to gain even more momentum.

Rosario’s opponents will undoubtedly take notice of this latest development, and the race for District 2 is sure to heat up in the coming weeks. However, with the support of Bryant and her strong track record of fighting for conservative principles, Rosario remains a formidable contender in the race.

As the campaign continues, it remains to be seen who will emerge victorious in the race for District 2. However, with the support of influential figures like C.L. Bryant, it is clear that Jacqueline Rosario has a bright future ahead of her in the world of conservative politics.

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