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May 24, 2022; Updated May 1, 2023

Vero Beach, Fla. – Robert Brackett, the current Mayor of Vero Beach, has received a noteworthy endorsement from local businessman Gene Waddell. Waddell, who is the President of Waddell & Williams Insurance Group in Vero Beach and also the Chairman of the Indian River Charter High School (IRCHS) Board of Directors, praised Brackett’s dedication to improving the local school system.

Brackett has made it clear that he is committed to advocating for parental rights and involvement in the public school system. He has also expressed his support for school choice and increased transparency in the curriculum being taught to young students. These are issues that Waddell, a former member of the Indian River County School Board, is also passionate about.

“I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Mayor Robert Brackett as a member of the IRCHS Board of Directors,” said Waddell. “He is ready to fight for parental rights and involvement in our public school system. In Tallahassee, I know he will serve as an advocate for school choice and greater transparency in what’s being taught to our young people.”

Brackett has been actively involved in the Vero Beach community for many years. Prior to his current role as Mayor, he served on the Vero Beach City Council for 10 years. During his time in public service, Brackett has earned a reputation for being a dedicated and effective leader. He has been a vocal advocate for the city’s residents, working to improve infrastructure, public safety, and economic development.

Waddell’s endorsement is a significant boost to Brackett’s campaign. With the support of a well-respected businessman and former school board member, Brackett is well-positioned to win the support of local voters. The endorsement also highlights the importance of education in the upcoming election, and the need for candidates who are committed to improving the school system.

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