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Candidate Joann Binford Campaign Signs Stolen and Damaged

June 21, 2022

A few of County Commission District 4 Candidate Joann Binford’s Signs were either damaged or stolen recently.

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Joann Binford Sign on the Ground
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spot in the ground where a sign went missing

Binford gave the following statement to Indian River News:

“I am excited that we are down to the wire and coming up to the August 23rd Primaries.

There is a person out there that removed my large campaign sign from a property I received permission to display. The property owner later found my sign tossed over and behind some tires on the side of his building.

It’s disappointing to think that anybody would lack the integrity to allow the voters to make up their own mind. I really could care-less if my opponent had his or her sign right next to mine. It’s up to the people to do the research and make up their own mind.

If people continue to take down campaign signs belonging to candidates in this race, they are censoring information from voters that want to be able to make an informed decision on what candidate they choose in the ballot box.

To me, in a sense, it is stealing the vote from the voter because they have been purposely denied information.

Whoever is feeling like they are doing the public a service by removing my signs, or any other candidates’ signs, this is my message; realize what you are doing is absolutely degrading to yourself, and shows you have a lack of principle, integrity, and a lack of respect for the citizens of Indian River County.

The sign stealing or removing of any candidate’s campaign signage is a huge disservice to our community. It is also an embarrassment to think anyone in our community would behave in such a manner.

I say good luck to all the candidates as the Primary race on August 23rd is just around the corner. Indian River County citizens know what they want. Let us give ourselves to them and give them the information they need so they can make the best-informed decision, and feel confident when they vote at the ballot box, they made the right choice.”

Binford addressed the signs being stolen in a Facebook Livestream. The Livestream can be viewed below:

Binford is a member of the Indian River 2nd Amendment Defense Coalition.

Indian River News condemns the theft and damage of campaign signs, regardless of party affiliation.

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