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FL State House Candidate Dr. Karen Hiltz Ed.D endorsed by Economist John Tamny and Radio Host C.L. Bryant

June 22, 2022; Updated May 2, 2023

Dr. Karen Hiltz Ed.D, a Republican candidate running for Florida House of Representatives for District 34, has received endorsements from two well-known authors, speakers, and TV commentators. John Tamny, Political Economy editor at Forbes and editor of, and CL Bryant, a Florida-based conservative radio personality and motivational speaker, have both announced their support for Hiltz.

Tamny praised Hiltz’s energy and enthusiasm for conservative issues, as well as her knowledge of policy development and management at all levels. He added that her experience in negotiating multi-million-dollar contracts for security equipment, systems, and construction will be useful in representing the district. Bryant, who will be visiting Vero Beach soon, said he has known Hiltz for many years and knows her heart and mind. He believes that she will be a true partner with Governor DeSantis as he fights for all the people of the state.

Hiltz, a Navy Veteran and former school board member in Virginia, declared her candidacy for the FL House in March 2022, after being asked by a number of prominent Republicans in the new district, which covers Indian River County and southern Brevard County. She has had a long career in military and government agency procurement and is well-equipped to protect taxpayer dollars.

Tamny’s book, Popular Economics, has received praise from Art Laffer and Ken Fischer, among others. He is a regular panelist on the Fox News Channel’s Forbes on Fox and has appeared on other networks, including CNN, CNBC, and the Fox Business Network. Bryant, who holds a Master of Theology and spent 37 years in pastoral ministry, is a frequent guest on Fox News, The Blaze, CNN, and MSNBC.

Hiltz expressed her gratitude for the endorsements, calling Tamny and Bryant “true conservatives and experts in their own right.” She hopes to bring her experience and knowledge to the FL House and make a difference in her district.

More information about Hiltz’s credentials and priorities can be found on her website, Bryant will be in Vero Beach in July to speak at a number of gatherings.

FL State House Candidate Dr. Karen Hiltz Ed.D endorsed by Economist John Tamny and Radio Host C.L. Bryant

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