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LaDonna “Crazy Corbin Says” Sign Found in Oslo

July 9, 2022

A “Crazy Corbin Says” sign has been found in Oslo near one of School Board Candidate District 2 LaDonna Corbin’s Diamond Shaped Signs.

Corbin has had a few of these large diamond shaped signs in various spots in the County.

The address for the “Crazy Corbin Says” sign is Oslo Road and 9th Ave SW in Vero Beach.

One thing that immediately stood out was a QR Code on the sign. The link opened up to a rather concerning video of Mrs. Corbin.

In the video, Mrs. Corbin exhibits what looks like serious emotional distress and signs of possible mental illness.

The beginning of the video opens up with Corbin saying “so I’m out here today trying to TrikTok one of my personalities. Ain’t no damn TikTok, it’s TrikTok.”

Right after saying this, Corbin has what can be described as a “mini spaz-out.”

Then she says “I’m trying to negotiate with her on this col.” Corbin pauses, with a smiling grin on her face.

Corbin continues, saying (and what looks to be acting in a crazy manner) “she feelin’ herself, she thinks she cute today, she all want to be on the TikTok, on her face and shit but I’m not with it, not today.”

Keep in mind that Corbin is referring to one of her “dual personalities” when she says “she feelin’ herself.”

Corbin continues saying “I am the owner of this motherfuckin body.” There’s a pause and Corbin says “well today I want to be the owner” of her body.

Right after this, Corbin starts sobbing, saying “I want to own myself today. I don’t want this personality.” Corbin then makes a brief, to the point “shhh” sound and then pauses. She then says, as she is sobbing “if y’all know somebody that a can really come and help me, please come and take her somewhere; you can have her today, I don’t want her. I don’t want her. I don’t want her. All this was said while she was sobbing and sounding not well.

She called out to Jesus and proceeded to say in a happy-crazy tone “I just wanna rest and relax on a cold rainy day.”

We reached out to her Campaign Manager Jeff Andros for comment. He told us “I am going to get in touch with the property owner and see if they are interested in pressing charges for trespass and possibly destruction of private property. Also, it is amazing you have a nighttime photo of this. You are not media. You’re a farce at best. I will notify real media and I hope who took part in this is arrested and prosecuted. Wonder if there are fingerprints anywhere. I’m sure you will portray this in a false light so real media will have this conversation.”

While we here at Indian River News find Mrs. Corbin’s behavior to be concerning, we definitely encourage her to seek professional help and we give her the room to do so.

Local Intervention and Recovery Coach George Colon told Indian River News regarding Mrs. Corbin’s behavior in the video “I found that Behavior rather concerning and Most Inappropriate for anyone seeking an Office Position especially if/ and or with Children involved. I sadly summarized a Behavior similar to the Movie ‘Sybil’ dual or more personalities pending where she wanted to fit in. I’m for anyone bettering themselves and finding where they fit in and can be most useful, but this type of Behavior would limit an individual’s opportunities, unless they sought development skills.”

Indian River News has endorsed Incumbent candidate Jackie Rosario for the District 2 School Board Seat.

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