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Reverend Dale Glading endorses Dr. Karen Hiltz

July 20, 2022

State House District 34 Candidate Dr. Karen Hiltz has been endorsed by Reverend Dale Glading. Glading did this in his capacity as a private citizen.

Reverend Glading said in a video about the endorsement, he supports Dr. Hiltz for three reasons. The first reason is that Dr. Hiltz is a “born again believer” which essentially means Dr. Hiltz is a Christian. The second reason is she is a Navy Veteran. The last reason is that Dr. Hiltz is a “Professional Educator.”

Dr. Hiltz has taught Business classes to undergraduates, according to her website.

Regarding the endorsement, Dr. Hiltz said on her Campaign’s Facebook Page she is “very humbled and honored to have Rev. Dale Glading’s support and endorsement.”

Reverend Dale Glading does Ministry work with Prisoners and At-Risk Youth.

Below is the video of Rev. Dale Glading announcing his endorsement of Dr. Hiltz:

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