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Democrats of Indian River Endorse Cindy Gibbs, Recommend Teri Barenborg for Indian River School Board

July 22, 2022; Updated July 23, 2022

Editor’s Note: This story was updated to add comment from Former School Board Chairman Laura Zorc

Democrats of Indian River have endorsed Cindy Gibbs for School Board District 2 and recommend Teri Barenborg for School Board District 4.

Some in the Community have found it odd that Teri was recommended by the Democrats of Indian River, given she is a registered Republican. It’s even been said this Recommendation is reminiscent of Republican RINO Congressman Liz Cheney.

Former School Board Chairman Laura Zorc said regarding Barenborg getting recommended by the local Democrats “No surprise after working with Barenborg for two years that she received the nod and wink from IRC Democrat party. She was always siding with administrators and teachers union. Birds of the same feather flock together.”

The Indian River County Republican Executive Committee and Moms for Liberty – Indian River, Florida have endorsed Jackie Rosario for the District 2 Seat and Thomas Kenny for the District 4 Seat, respectively.

Indian River News has endorsed Jackie Rosario and Thomas Kenny.

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