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July 25, 2022; Updated July 26, 2022

A police report was given to Indian River News via a Public Records Request regarding a sign found on Oslo Road titled “Crazy Corbin Says”

Indian River News (IRN) covered this in a story titled “LaDonna “Crazy Corbin Says” Sign Found in Oslo”

According to the Police Report, her Campaign Manager Jeff Andros was at the location where the first of these signs was found, along with a trail camera, prior to the police arriving.

This was already an extremely unorthodox and frankly odd incident, but it does appear that one possible explanation is that the political operative currently serving as the Campaign Manager for the candidate, LaDonna Corbin, who the signs were posted against, could very well be the genesis of this amateurish attempt to turn a local election into a race war.

The placement of the deer cam was especially interesting, because this year’s election cycle has been rife with campaign sign damage and theft. A trail cam would have caught any possible thief, regardless of how small or large, even a raccoon.

Indian River News ran a story on some Joann Binford signs being either stolen or damaged.

Ray Mello, a volunteer for Karen Hiltz, one of the Republican State House District 34 Candidates, recently posted on Facebook about signs being stolen and damaged.

Theft of Campaign Signs would be considered petty theft in the State of Florida. First time offense is a 2nd Degree Misdemeanor, punishable up to sixty days in prison and $500 fine. Second time offense is a 3rd Degree Felony, punishable up to 5 years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine.

Former Okaloosa County Republican Statecommittee Woman Sandra Atkinson did exactly this. She was running for State House in a Republican Primary, took a lot of campaign signs and was charged with petty theft.

The coverage of the sign posting has erroneously focused heavily on the act as a crime or public nuisance, which the official report from the Sheriff’s Office not only disputes, but confirms as the complete opposite: protected 1st Amendment political speech.

The content of the sign was simple, and left out of many of the public news articles: LaDonna Corbin publicly admitted to having a depressive split personality disorder, and whomever posted the Crazy Corbin signs not only has the right to do so, according the chief law enforcement officials of our county, but may be doing God’s work in exposing a potentially dangerous individual who may harm children if placed in charge of, or in vicinity of as an elected school board member.

One question outstanding for many in the county, specifically regarding the question posed by the Crazy Corbin sign: Is LaDonna Corbin on Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)? Many of the School Shooters have been on them, such as Adam Lanza. IRN asked Sheila Gallo, Co-Founder of Able Child, for comment on this.

“I would make the argument if this lawmaker is on psychiatric drugs and the new data coming on the lack of science behind the ‘chemical imbalance,’ how independent is she going to be to help get the psychiatric drugs out of the public school system. We have massive news coming out on the lack of science on the “chemical imbalance” and depression.”What drugs is she on? How will impact her decision making. What drugs is she on? How will impact her decision making,” Gallo told IRN.

Andros, who played a prominent role in the incident report, also appears to have attempted to weaponize the sheriff’s department against Indian River County’s only conservative news outlet by strangely mentioning a request for comment made by Indian River News to the deputy on scene for the investigation into the Crazy Corbin signs.

If the shoe was on the other foot, and Indian River News, or one of our correspondents, misguidedly name dropped Jeff Andros to the police during an active investigation which he was gathering information about to inform the public, he may go as far as to accuse IRN of targeted harassment, and misuse of law enforcement resources, as part of a coordinated political strategy to silence a perceived ideological enemy.

Indian River News has been undeterred by these proceedings, and has reached out to Jeff Andros and Sheriff Eric Flowers for comment about the concerns, and direct implications to press freedom in one of Florida’s most conservative and constitution respecting counties.

IRN asked Sheriff Flowers the following questions:

  1. The police report for the LaDonna Corbin signs incident, states no crime was committed, yet your sheriff department facilitated the removal of a political sign. Does the Sheriff department plan on putting that sign back?

  2. The police report from your department states that Jeff Andros was on the scene prior to your deputy arriving. Have you investigated whether Andros was the one that placed the sign and or deer cam and then called in a false police report?

  3. In the police report, the Sheriff’s office confirmed that no crime was committed. Does that mean that the signs are protected political speech? And, if so, do you plan to continue to use police resources to silence opposition to LaDonna Corbin?

IRN was given an overall response from Sheriff Flowers, with portions of our questions unanswered. The following is Sheriff Flowers’ response:

Every political season we get complaints about candidate’s signs. Our county code enforcement is the government arm charged with handling the majority of these complaints, so we do our best to stay out of it when we can.

Unfortunately, when vandalism, theft, and trespassing allegations surface, we are obligated to look into these crimes on behalf of the complainant.

As a candidate myself I had signs stolen, vandalized and more. While frustrating, I also recognize that this is just part of the political process these days.

In this particular case, our office received a complaint alleging the signs were harassment, hate speech, and that they were placed by someone trespassing on the property. At this time, we do not have probable cause for any of the aforementioned crimes.

I would like to encourage all candidates and their supporters to refrain from criminal activities which may have the potential to border on criminal acts. We have enough going on in our county to tie up valuable resources looking into these complaints when they should be out protecting and serving our citizens.

Here is how our exchange went with Andros:

Indian River News: “Mr. Andros, we have a few questions for you regarding a story we’re working on. We heard there were more Crazy Corbin Says signs and that they have since disappeared. Did you take those signs or place them? Do you have any concerns of prosecution under Florida law for removing signs or ordering someone to remove them, if you were indeed the person that removed them?

Sheriff Flowers has told IRN that no crime has been committed by the person or group posting those signs, and that the Sheriff’s department will not be prosecuting or investigating the incident any further. How do you feel about that?”

Jeff Andros: “Due to pending with you I cannot have a conversation with you about any topic. This is off the records and you do not have my permission to mention me in your blog. My attorney has been made aware.”

Indian River News: “Thank you for your comment, we will include it in the article. Is there anything else you would like to say regarding the questions we asked Mr. Andros?”

Andros read the message and did not reply to it.

Indian River News can confirm at this time there is no pending litigation against us. This is nothing more than a scare tactic by Andros against a Media Outlet that has ran stories with damaging information on a candidate he is managing.

Andros requested the crimes of Hate Crime, Destruction of Property and Trespassing be investigated in the police report on the original Crazy Corbin Says sign. However, here is what the report said for each crime:

  • Hate Crime: “Andros advised me he believed the incident was racially motivated and requested a potential Hate Crime investigation be conducted due to the recent patterns of Anti-Semitic behavior in the county (ref IRCSO OCA #2022-69621). There were no signs of racially motivated hate speech, slurs or Anti-Semitic group symbols/insignia located on the new sign.

    It was advised to Andros that every investigative avenue would be covered and that the incident would be documented as it may hep support future cases (develop Modus Operandi).”

  • Destruction of Property and Trespassing: “Andros stated he wanted a full investigation for the crimes of “destruction of property” due to the new sign touching the current sign and trespassing. I advised Andros that trespassing had not occurred due to their being no posted signage stating “no trespassing” along with the property not being fenced in. The new sign was also posted within 5 feet of the county sidewalk, just to the North. I also advised Andros criminal mischief did not take place due to there being no damage done to the signage and that the signs simply touching did not reach the elements of vandalism or defacing property.”

Andros threatened to sue Indian River News because we shared the video of LaDonna Corbin having a break down. The original post we shared on our Facebook Page was from former School Board Chairman Laura Zorc. The video is both embarassing and damaging to Andros’s candidate. Thus it is understandable why he acted out of fear.

In defense of her comments, LaDonna Corbin has laughably claimed that the video was simply satire.

There were also some new Crazy Corbin Says signs that popped up on Friday, July 23rd, 2022 near Staples in Vero Beach.

1 / 3
Night time picture showing Crazy Corbin Says Signs that says Scan Me with a QR Code on LaDonna's Forehead

IRN was told that those signs disappeared between 10AM – Noon July 23rd, 2022. IRN attempted to do a public records request of the traffic camera video on that day and around that time. However, we were told the traffic cameras do not record video, thus we were unable to obtain any recorded video.

IRN has been told by a source that the man who took the signs is large in stature.

IRN also did a records request for the body camera footage from when the initial “Crazy Corbin Says” sign was found.

IRN were told by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office “please be advised the requested documentation is exempt at this time pursuant to Chapter 119.071(2)(c), Florida Statutes. -Open/Active investigation.”

The Instagram account that has the QR Code linked video on the “Crazy Corbin Says” signs has been updated with more content. Some of the posts are screenshots of Corbin’s Facebook posts that look concerning.

It appears this account is ran by someone named Deion Jackson. In the bio, they claim to be a supporter of LaDonna Corbin.

The bio also says “LOCAL POLITICS MATTER (NOT MORE THAN BLACK LIVES!!)” The account comes across as anti Caucasian.

The account comes across as a Pro-Black Nationalist and definitely as a Pro-Black Lives Matter account.

The account also posted a screenshot of a Facebook Post from Corbin in December 2020 admitting to life long mental health issues. It also appears she was Baker Acted for 72 hours around that time as well.

The Baker Act allows for a person who is suffering from mental illness that may be a danger to themselves or others, to be held involuntarily for 72 hours. It was passed into law in 1971, named for Democrat Florida State Rep. Maxine Baker.

There is also a screenshot of a post Corbin made in 2018, where she advocates for Corporal Punishment in the Public School System. She reposted this post in 2021.

There was also a post that Corbin previously shared of a murdered white girl placed in an unmarked grave.

Corbin also shared a screenshot of a bunch of scandy-clad women on her Facebook page. The person who posted the picture asked people “Where they from” and Corbin responded saying “Fort Pierce, Florida.”

There is also a photo of what appears to be of Jeff Andros, wearing an improperly sized T-Shirt waiting in line at a Burger King. IRN considers Burger King food to be a direct contributor to the morbid obesity crisis in America.

Edited Picture of Jeff Andros waiting in line at Burger King

Other pictures on the account include posts an African-American woman on a beach, Popeyes Chicken, a screenshot of a news headline saying “Archaeologists Discover Remains of Winged Human”

There are three screenshots where the account belittles white women for following it.

Overall, the posts regarding Corbin on the account comes across as supportive of LaDonna Corbin in the description of its’ posts.

Click here to view the Instagram account.

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