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Thomas Kenny and Jackie Rosario Support Creating Disciplinary Deans to Help Handle Discipline

July 30, 2022

At the Republicans for Life Candidate Forum, School Board Candidates Thomas Kenny (District 4) and Jackie Rosario (Incumbent-District 2) spoke in favor of Disciplinary Deans.

The moderator Reverend Dale Glading asked the following question from a retired educator:

“do you think our school district is top heavy (meaning we have too many highly paid administrators and not enough teachers, teachers aides and substitute teachers)? And secondary to that, why should teachers who have very little free time during the school day, be forced to cover other teachers classes when subs aren’t available? Should administrators be required to serve as subs on a regular rotating basis?”

The question was from a retired educator.

Rosario said that the District is too top heavy with administrators and not enough teachers, not enough support staff.

Rosario said she has been advocating for Academic Deans at School Board Meetings, Superintendent’s Workshops and in private meetings with District Superintendent Dr. David Moore.

Disciplinary Deans would help to handle the disciplinary issues in the District. Currently, Assistant Principals are handling these issues.

The problem with this current system is Assistant Principals get “pulled in many different directions” according to Rosario.

Having Disciplinary Deans would allow for having a dedicated person to handling discipline and mentoring students who usually misbehave.

The current Superintendent, Dr. David Moore and his administrative team have been resistant to the creation of Disciplinary Deans, according to Rosario.

Rosario said she has been told by Dr. Moore that the District would get “more bang for its’ buck” if they continued with having Assistant Principals. Rosario has disagreed, saying the costs outweigh the benefits, by a lot.

Rosario said teachers need “reprieve” from substitute assignments, hall and bus duties. She said they need their prep time and to get into their classrooms.

Rosario said the teachers having to consistently be on substitute assignments, is a union issue that the teachers need have the union resolve that issue with the School District.

During another question, Thomas Kenny said he is in favor of a Disciplinary “Dean Program.” Kenny said he calls this a “discipline and mentorship Dean Program.”

Kenny said the Disciplinary Deans would be at the schools daily in the hallways. He also said they are there to “discipline and mentor kids into that discipline.”

Kenny said Disciplinary Deans can also check to make sure things like “propped” doors are closed and handle similar issues.

Kenny said having Disciplinary Deans would allow the District to get “engaged with” students “on levels that haven’t been done before.”

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