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Roger Stone Strongly Supports James Shaw for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

August 4, 2022

On July 29th, 2022, Republican Political Operative Roger Stone said on his Telegram Channel that he “Strongly Supports” James Shaw for Commissioner of Agriculture in the Republican Primary on August 23rd.

Stone called Shaw’s opponent, departing Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson, a “corrupt RINO turd.”

The term RINO means ‘Republican in Name Only.’ It is used when some Republicans find there are other Republicans not upholding the true values of the Republican Party. An example of this is Wyoming Republican Congressman Liz Cheney.

Stone forwarded a message from another Telegram user that links to an article on ‘Defend Our Union.’ That article links to an interview Shaw did with TruNews.

Shaw said of the endorsement in a Facebook post “I’m honored to have the support of Roger Stone!”

Indian River News has Endorsed James Shaw for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture in the Republican Primary.

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