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Taylor Dingle Announces 2022 Run for Vero Beach City Council

August 18, 2022

Taylor Dingle has announced his run for Vero Beach City Council in the 2022 General Election.

Dingle said in a Facebook Post “I am asking for your support and consideration to offer a fresh NEW perspective on City Council for tomorrow’s Vero Beach! #BackTaylorJack”

Dingle previously ran for Vero Beach City Council in 2021.

Dingle currently serves on the City of Vero Beach Historic Preservation Commission and as President & Co-Founder of the Vero Beach Young Republicans. He is also a board member of the Tax Payers Association of Indian River.

Indian River News fully endorses Taylor Dingle for Vero Beach City Council. We have found that his willingness to listen to others and come up with reasonable solutions to the City’s problems, makes him one of the best choices to serve on Vero Beach City Council.

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