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Jackie Rosario and Cindy Gibbs head to run off in November

August 24, 2023

School Board District 2 Candidates, Jackie Rosario and Cindy Gibbs will be advancing to a run-off election in November.

Neither candidate was able to secure 51% of the vote to prevent a run-off. Rosario got 46.82% of the vote while Gibbs got 26.38% of the vote.

Rosario is the only School Board Candidate in Indian River County to have the endorsement of Governor Ron DeSantis.

Rosario recently had the opportunity to give a speech at an event hosted by Governor DeSantis, a few days prior to the primary election.

Left to Right: IRC School Board Member Jackie Rosario, Governor Ron DeSantis

Rosario is for Parental Rights, School Choice and Curriculum Transparency.

Rosario is for students getting a high quality education, free of radical indoctrination, such as Critical Race Theory.

Rosario is a family first and students first candidate who will always use “lawful common-sense decision making” while serving in office.

Rosario has been endorsed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Indian River News, Moms for Liberty – Indian River County, Florida and We the People Indian River County.

Gibbs posted on Facebook saying:

We’re not done here. #November8th

My deep gratitude to everyone who has been on our Team and everyone who is now.

Take a deep breath and get ready.

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