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More Indian River County Residents Voted by Mail than on Election Day

November 9, 2022

There were more Indian River County, Florida residents voting by mail than in person on election day. Specifically, more people voted before election day than those who actually voted on Election Day.

30,989 Indian River County residents had voted by mail compared to 26,040 voting in person on Election Day.

20,542 Indian River County residents had voted Early during the Early Voting.

Voting by mail was the favored method of voting among Democrats while Republicans, No Party Affiliated and Other Party Voters were split between voting by mail and voting in person on Election Day.

Voting Early was the least preferred method of voting among the various voting groups in Indian River County, Florida.

The following is the voting data by Party and Type based off of information from the Indian River County Supervisor of Elections website:

Republican – Total: 43,059

  • Mail: 14,164

  • Early: 12,720

  • Election Day: 16,150

  • Provisional: 25

Democrat – Total: 18,770

  • Mail: 10,550

  • Early: 3,858

  • Election Day: 4,353

  • Provisional: 9

No Party Affiliated – Total: 14,344

  • Mail: 5,700

  • Early: 3,620

  • Election Day: 5,016

  • Provisional: 8

Other – Total: 1,445

  • Mail: 575

  • Early: 344

  • Election Day: 521

  • Provisional: 5

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